Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is so fun to have a little girl to dress for holidays. We were in a sleep coma for Christmas, so Addie had already had her first holiday, but I was still not quite coherent yet. It feels like Valentine’s day was her first holiday, and I love it.

She is such a little cutie! ❤️


Two Months

Baby girl is two months, and she is a dream baby.

  • Loves to coo and “talk”. Still not sure if a laugh has snuck out or if it is still a coo.

  • Loves to look at mine, Ken’s, and sometimes Kenny’s face. I think she almost always fusses when Reed comes near her… For valid reasons. (Knee to the face, stuck a popsicle stick down to the back of her throat, “helps” her swing extra fast in her swing, etc.) 🤦

The look she gives me every time Reed comes near. “Help!”

    • Eats and sleeps really well. Putting her down for bed at night has been easier. I used to sit and rock her into a deep sleep so she wouldn’t wake up when I put her down. Now, I rock her enough so she is drowsy/kinda asleep, and set her down and she just kind of grunts and huffs for a bit and then falls asleep. (Most of the time at least.)
    • Loves to be held upright. Don’t you dare think about cradling her in your arms. Instant crying.
    • Loves to be swaddled. Like really loves. If she is fussing and crying, it is usually because she is ready for her nap. I wrap her up, and she usually stops crying right away.
    • Has quite the hair situation. It goes from fuzz, to a few strands of random super long hair on the top of her head, to bald spot, to 1.5 inch long hair ring around the nape of her neck. Girlfriend has quite an array for a grand hair adventure on her head. She has her bases covered for all hair occasions.
    • Ken now wears Addie in the Moby as well. Has been nice for my back because baby girl is getting big.

    • Her hair and eyebrows have lightened up so they aren’t as dark. Hard to say what her hair color will be because Reed’s was similarly dark but then he turned blonde. Who knows? 🤷
    • Gives the cutest side smiles. Right when she is about to give you a big grin, her mouth goes into a side smile pucker, and it is so cute.

    • Got a new swing that rocks her from side to side and it has been a game changer. Wish I had this when all of my kids were babies. (Saying that makes me feel old…)

    • Has enjoyed being dressed up for church… Or at least I have enjoyed dressing her up.

    Mid-shoe being kicked off. Skills.

    • Loves to go to craft stores with me when the boys are at preschool.
    • Does not enjoy tummy time at all. At all at all. It is actually something her doctor wants her to work on… Which is easier said then done. She screams so hard and just won’t lift her head.

    We love you baby girl!!

    Addie in Her Nursery

    Last night Addie slept in her nursery for the first time! I’ll admit that I crept in on her a few times to make sure she was ok.

    The last five or so days she has been waking up for a feeding in the middle of the night at around 4 am or so. It is sort of unfortunate timing because I am not able to get her back asleep until 5:30ish, and then Ken’s alarm goes off at 6, so sometimes my days get started at 4 am because I can’t get to sleep fast enough before I hear Ken’s alarm. Honestly though, getting up only once at 4 am is great with a little baby, so I’ll take it. She spoils me.

    Anyway, I tell you all of this because she slept all the way through the night last night! What a nice introduction to the nursery!

    Being in her room for hours a day while I feed her, I am dreaming up all sorts of ideas for how I want to decorate her room… I just need to find time to do it. One day!

    Adelaide in Her Own Room

    Adelaide slept in her own room for the first time two nights ago! In the past 6 days, she has slept through the night for 5 of the nights (10:00ish-7:00 am)! I know her sleeping through the night will probably not continue to last, but I will take it for now!

    She slept in the guest bedroom instead of her bedroom because (a) the guest bedroom is right next to ours, so I felt better about her being closer and (b) her room gets freezing, and the temperature outside last night got down to 24 degrees, so we didn’t want her to get too cold.

    For some reason, her room and the boys’ room both get so so so cold/hot. We put a space heater in the boys’ room to try to help them out during the winter, but this is something we are probably going to have to figure out. Maybe windows leaking? Idk.

    Look at those cheeks! She is definitely my best sleeper/eater.

    Kenny’s Day Part 2

    Oh, and I totally forgot to put something that needs to be shared.

    Instead of a Birthday party this year, Kenny got to take two friends to Chuck E Cheese. He chose Nolan and Chloe Jane (both the same age as Kenny and Reed respectively… Down to within weeks of one another).

    Ken made Kenny’s cake the night before so we could quickly run to Chuck E Cheese after Ken got off work. The cake stayed on the counter all day… And apparently was a little too tempting for the boys.

    One time when I was feeding Addie, the boys came in and had chocolate on their faces. I didn’t make the connection until about 2 hours later when I saw the cake.


    These boys.

    Kenny’s Five!

    So with the all the sickness that happened on Kenny’s Birthday, I realized I never did a real summary of him.

    Things to know about Kenny:

    • He loves to do mazes and is really quite good at them.
    • He also loves to ask for spare yarn and then make booby traps around the house tying the yarn to random places… Except he doesn’t know how to tie, so it is just a jumbled mess of string that he loves to try to get Ken to walk through.
    • Whenever someone rings our doorbell or he hears Ken coming home, he likes to hide and then jump out and scare them. It is okay when he does it to Ken… Awkward when he does it to strangers. They never know how to react.
    • Loves loves loves Legos. He saves all of his instruction books and likes to rebuild old ones. I am very impressed by this because the pieces that go to these instruction sets are just mixed in with the thousands of pieces in the Lego box. (Am I exaggerating when I say thousands? Maybe but it sure feels that way when I look into their bedroom or heaven forbid walk in there.) Anyway, Kenny is able to find the specific piece from he instructions and make substitutions when he can’t find the piece.
    • He also loves dominoes. That was the main thing he asked Santa to bring him this year. He loves to build them, and before he had actual dominoes, he was using anything he could to act as dominoes (like books). He loves to watch domino YouTube videos of huge domino set ups.
    • Is learning to read. Can sound out small words.
    • Can do a pull-up on the pull-up bar. (Wish I could do that!)
    • He is a very fast runner… he really is. I am always amazed at how he can keep up with the older kids or out run them.
    • Is so so so helpful around the house. If I ask him to help me with something, he is always willing to stepped in. He is such a good big brother, and I am very grateful for his helpful attitude.
    • Loves sugar… So much so that he likes to lick the syrup from his plate after pancakes… We are working on that.

    And here’s a random smattering of pictures:

    They “did their hair” aka dunked their heads in the sink and got their hair sopping wet.

    We love this sweet little boy!

    Reed’s Day!

    Me: “Reed! Your Birthday is on Monday! How old are you turning?” Reed: *pause, pause.* *Thinking hard* *looks up excited* “FIVE!” Me: “close… Three. You’re actually turning three.” Repeated multiple times for the last week and a half. So yesterday was Reed’s Birthday! And he is turning… Three! Things to know about Reed:

    • Loves to swim. It is one of his favorite things. And he is very brave in the water… Too much so. He thinks he can swim. One time during the summer he said, “me sink! Me sink” which means take off my floaty I want to swim. I told him that if I took off his floaty, he would sink to the bottom and he could die. (Because the boy needed to have a little fear instilled in him. For real. He is overly confident in the water.) He said “no I won’t!” So I took off his floaty, let him sink to the bottom, and left him there for a few seconds hoping to teach him that yes, you would sink and you could die. I then pulled him up out of the water, and the first thing he said was, “see?! I no die!”
    • He loves animals and especially loves to go to the zoo.
    • He plays so well by himself, and is so imaginative.
    • It isn’t uncommon to find him singing to himself and making up songs.
    • Love love loves fruit.
    • Picked German Pancakes for his Birthday dinner. One of the few meals you don’t have to force feed him to eat.
    • Loves mustard. Last week he asked for mustard when we were eating pizza… And Ken gave it to him! So he dipped his pizza in mustard and ate it.

    We love this sweet, funny boy. He is so fun to play with, and is a real joy in our lives.

    The 11 month sticker got lost… So this is his 11 months pic

    He turns one!

    He is two!