So Ken and I stayed in a cottage in Midway, Utah. I will explain what we did via pictures:

This is the cottage we stayed in. Please excuse the mess. We were drying our wet snow clothes by the fire.

This is Midway. It’s a small town, and it’s in the mountains, so it gets a ton of snow (we’re talking like 3-4 feet, people)! Though, we didn’t mind because we wanted to do fun activities like this:

Unfortunately, Kenneth’s head attire is covered by his hood. Let me give you a close-up of how confident he is in his masculinity-

We also did this in the snow-

But there was a whole lot of this-

via getting thrown off, wasting time while we waited for someone to dig us out, or playing in the snow. This happened a few times-

(the snowmobile is stuck), but luckily I married a genius, who was able to do this-

This is Ken at the bottom of the hill after he flipped our snowmobile back over. He is doing his “wha?! you said I couldn’t get out?!” dance.

The whole entire time I had to wear the stupidest helmet ever created. What was so dumb about it was the visor that pulled down over my face. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Well that sounds smart because the visor would keep the stray snowflakes out of your eyes. Why was it the stupidest helmet ever, Rachel?” Well, don’t worry. I will show-

Yes, it is completely fogged over. Lameo. So let me tell you, that made for some fun riding when I couldn’t see anything that was happening. It was especially fun when we were riding fine and then all of a sudden I was on the ground. Or that other time that all of a sudden I was on my side . . . and so was the snowmobile haha.

Moving on, here are some comparisons. I think it’s probably pretty obvious who wins (me), but you can be the judge.

This is me jumping extremely high. And here is Ken (so crazy that he’s in shorts!)-

Anyway, we had fun snowmobiling. And we looked good in our rented 90’s clothes-

And the last picture of the honeymoon. I saved the best for last (it definitely tasted the best)-

You may think that this is a cup full of random stuff (which it is), but it actually has ice cream in it. If I remember correctly, we put 15+ toppings in there. Yummmmmmm.


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