The Early Weeks of Marriage

Let me back up a bit. Ken and I got married December 18, which was the day after finals, which = death. Finals week is always death, but we also had to move out, clean, travel, and prepare for the wedding. It was extremely chaotic and stressful, but luckily our family was there to help a ton.

My family helped move our stuff to our new apartment. We were on a huge time crunch, so everything was literally thrown into our new apartment. Seriously. It was all in the middle of the living room in a huge pile.

So Ken and I came back from our honeymoon to our new apartment a little less than a week after the wedding. I walked in first, and Ken was getting the luggage. I was expecting the apartment to be a huge mess, but I opened the door, and this is what I saw-

I was shocked! And confused! And extremely happy!

I proceeded to the dining room and saw this-

All of our presents were organized and sorted! And a table? And chairs?

So then I was beaming, and I ran into our bedroom-

Our bed was set up! And the desk and dressers were in the room! And there was a new dresser!

Holy cow, it was the nicest thing! We got to our apartment relatively late, so our plan was to try to scrap together a dinner, set up the bed, and then go to sleep, but we didn’t have to worry about any of that! What a relief! Not only was our apartment set up, but there was a whole day’s worth of meals.

It was so nice! Best Christmas present ever! (By the way, this blog post doesn’t do all of their hard work justice. It does not even display 10 percent of what they did.)

I married into the best family! Thanks Sawyers, Alfords, Hinckleys, and Andersons! :)


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