New Form of Transportation!

Hi, my name is Rachel Arleane Alford. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio December 27, 1989, and I am majoring in marketing.


This is what I feel like you need to tell everyone when you move into a new ward/apartment. It gets all the small talk out of the way, so why don’t you just say it upfront? My roommates use to make fun of me for doing that. I think it’s completely okay to shake someone’s hand, and say these two sentences. Maybe I will make a business where you can have a cute sign printed out that says all of the pointless stuff that people feel obligated to ask when they first meet you but don’t actually remember. Hmmm . . .


Anyway, the reason why I bring this up is because if you don’t know me already (stalker), than the marketing major part would be applicable to you. See, when I wrote the post called preview, I said that Ken and I got a new form of transportation. I am sorry if you thought that meant a car. We did not get a car, but we got something way cooler than that, so I know that you won’t even be upset.


We got it on KSL. (KSL is the coolest! It’s like the lazy approach to thrift shopping, hence, I love it!)


Here’s the beauty:

And in case that wasn’t big enough to see the fine color/detailing:



Now, I like to play a game called “How Much Did She Pay for That?” We always play this game for anything that I buy that I feel like is a way good bargain. So here are the rules:


1. Name a price that you know is over how much I really paid because if you name a price too low, then I will feel like I got ripped off.

2. Post it as a comment, and then I will tell you in my next blog post what the correct price is.


Anyway, I think Queen said it best,


“Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle
I Want To Ride My Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle
I Want To Ride My Bicycle
I Want To Ride My Bike
I Want To Ride My Bicycle
I Want To Ride It Where I Like”

I always sing this in my head when I ride to school, work, etc. It also works out really well because both my front and back brakes squeak a ton, so I have some musical accompaniment.


Oh, and did I mention the name of the bike? It’s called,


The Firebolt

because I ride so fast on it and stuff (yeah, right. I am a slow-poke and extremely weak.)


Anyway, look for me cruising (or wheezing) along in Provo.

3 thoughts on “New Form of Transportation!

  1. Stacy says:

    I’ve only read the first sentence of this and before anything else happens, I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad you can’t even spell your own name.

    No, this is not some joke about how you’re married and changed you name blah, blah, blah…it’s about how you can’t even spell a name you’ve had for 21+ years. I’m embarrassed for you.

    P.S. I know your plan. It’s the same one you always have. You’re going to go back and change it and then say, “What spelling error do you speak of?” You can edit, but it will never be forgotten.


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