Las Vegas 7’s

For those of you who have not yet been enlightened by one of the best sports to watch on the planet (no, most definitely NOT football!), rugby, then you are missing out. Repent now and look up videos on youtube. 7’s rugby has half the players on the field as 15 a side rules and is very fast paced with a lot of big hits, and it’s all packed into a 15 minute game.

In support of the Fiji 7’s team playing in the USA leg of the IRB sevens world series, Rachel and I went down to Las Vegas to watch the games. In spite of the 12+ hours of driving that took place in a 36 hour period, it was a really fun trip! Fiji did well in the tournament and played South Africa in the finals, but lost 24-14 :(

While there we got to catch up with one of my best friends from middle school days in West Point, NY, Jason McFadden. Seeing him was one of the justifications of going all the way down there. That, and me calling this an “introduction to Fiji” since there were lots of Fijians at the tournament, and we’re planning on going to Fiji in August.  :)  During one of Fiji’s games a group of Fijians congregated above the area we were sitting so we went and joined them…and their 20 x 30 foot Fijian flag! That thing was HUGE!! We also enjoyed meeting up with my MTC teacher and a few other missionaries that I served with in Fiji.

The Fijian's breakaway

I’m really, really excited to go back to Fiji this summer and watching the 7’s tournament was a great way to get in the Fiji spirit. Lako Viti!!

Warm enough to wear sandals!

The Kenyans who all sat together and were so passionate!

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas 7’s

  1. Stacy says:

    Ha, I was reading this, and I was like, “this totally doesn’t sound like Rach…this is weird.” And then it wasn’t Rach.

    I feel better now.

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