Opposites Attract

So I chose to do Marketing at BYU. Why you may ask? Because this major requires no science. Kenneth chose Chemical Engineering. Kenneth always tries to explain scientific things he has learned in class to me, and I always reply, “Better you than me.” Recently, I have been teasing him that when it comes time for me to have to learn everything (you know, in heaven), that Ken will need to be my personal tutor.


Anyway, for one of my classes, we had to do a personality analysis. These are the jobs that would be the worse choice for my personality type:



As you can see, the lowest suitable job for me is an engineer. But don’t worry, right behind that is a chemist aka Kenneth’s major. Case and point to the title of this post.


Here are the best jobs for me:



So I am going to drop out of school and become a bartender.


Now I know that most of you think I am perfect, but here are some of my challenges  (Ken and I really got a kick out of how true they are):



Mind you, right before I was showing this to Ken, I had just gotten home from the library. Ken asked me how studying went, and I said all right . . . and that I studied with Stacy. Ken laughed. For some reason he thinks that sentence is an oxymoron.


One thought on “Opposites Attract

  1. Stacy says:

    bahahahahahahahahaa….that’s hilarious.

    Side note: when I took that test, I had basically the same results. But really. I remember bartender on there…but, unlike you, my number one told me to be a park ranger.

    Really?!? Really? Park ranger? Apparently, someone in cyberspace thought that would be a funny joke.

    Hey. Let’s study more. We’re really good at it. Just don’t tell Kenneth. ha.

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