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I am trying to be good. It’s “crunch time” here at BYU, so I’ve decided that I will not do anymore posts until the end of the semester.


Lame. I know.




This weekend was my week to choose the date night. We have a certain amount that we have budgeted in each month, so we decided to go on the cheaper side this week (although, they are almost always cheap).


Side note: Have you ever tried getting married? Do you realize how many presents you get? It’s so nice! People are so generous, and Kenneth and I were truly blessed.


Anyway, we got a tent and sleeping bags for wedding gifts, and we have been really excited to use them. Really, really, really excited (I say we, but in all reality, Kenneth may have just been humoring me). So for our date, I chose camping out in the living room! Our living room is pretty small, and we soon figured out that our tent is pretty big. We barely were able to squeeze it in. Then we put our sleeping bags and pillows inside, chose a movie, and brought the television inside as well. We had smores (don’t worry, it was one of our treat days), and went to town.


I find this picture of Kenneth hilarious!


We watched-


I have come to this conclusion:


I am not a good person to watch scary/intense movies with. I just babble, gasp, and scream. Basically, I am annoying. Kenneth says he likes to watch movies with me . . . which is good. I don’t know how he stands it. Sometimes I annoy myself.


Anyway, camping out in our living room was a success! Our backs definitely hurt in the morning. (I’ve never had this happen to me before. Does that mean I am getting . . . old?)

I am Grateful for Fish


We’re Sunbeam (3-year-old kids) teachers at church. The title of our lesson yesterday was- “I am Grateful for Fish”.


Now, let me back up a bit. Over the weekend, Kenneth and I went to this cool Haiku Party! It was neat! We wrote haikus, and then they were judged. The top ten were given prizes. Kenneth and I won! Our winning haiku was:


Rapist in Lincoln Park

He’s snatchin’ your people up

So run and tell that.




So guess what we won? A goldfish!



We thought, “Perfect! Now we can bring in our fish as a visual to our lesson in one day.” Wrong. Little did we know that it was a suicidal goldfish.


We went to sleep the night before we were going to give our lesson, woke up, and the fish had jumped out of the cup. What has society come to?

3 Months

So today is mine and Kenneth’s 3 month mark! AKA 1/4 of a year! AKA awesome!

I knew that I was going to learn a ton about Ken (which I have loved!), but I am surprised how much I have learned about myself. I feel like I have learned more about myself in the last 3 months than I have in my whole college experience thus far. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, I think it’s good that I’ve learned so much about myself, but I just wasn’t expecting it. Being married is awesome, and I love every day. It’s so interesting and fun to think ahead to what our future may hold for us. When I look ahead, I know that it’s not going to just be unicorns and rainbows (which would be awful if it really was). I know that we are going to have trials and hard times. I am glad that I will have my best friend by my side, though.

Anyway, I am going to stop talking about this because, let’s be honest, I still have so much to learn because we have only been married 3 months.

Do you want to know what else the three month mark means? We are going to get our luncheon/temple/reception video! I am so excited! Our videographer was CineStory Wedding Films. I love their work! I highly recommend them (and no I am not getting paid to say that).

Here is the highlight video that was made for us:

Hopefully we’ll be getting the real DVD’s soon.


I gave Kenneth a haircut all by my big girl self! Here’s a pic of the before-

He "poofed" up his hair to make it look as messy as he could.


And after-



I say pretty good for an amateur, right? I mean, I only made him bleed once ( . . . opps). ¬†And I only held the clippers upside down twice (luckily no damage was done). And I only took 5 times as long the normal person would take (Ken says I only took 2 1/2 times as long . . . I think he was just trying to make me feel better, though). And I only made one of his sideburns crooked. And only one of his eyes are seriously injured (luckily I’m just kidding about that one).

Lent Update

I know that everyone has been dying to know how the lent goal has been going. Well, let me relieve you of your worrying.


When we made this goal, it was a Thursday around 11:00 am. I had already had a treat that day (I think treats are appropriate at all times of the day . . . even breakfast), so Thursday counted for one of the treat days. Friday was another treat day because at work we do “Fat day Friday” aka we have treats every Friday. So that was the second and last treat day of the week.


Luckily, we just had to go without Saturday, and then we deemed Sunday a treat day as well. But now we have gone 2.5 days without treats!!! Impressive for us. We just have to hold out for 1.5 more days! We can do it! (While trying to type “Can do it”, I put “Candy do it”. I guess you can tell what’s on my mind. Maybe I can’t do it.)


To reminisce in the days of irresponsibility (those days were, oh so, long ago . . .), I found some yummy pictures of candy.


I really like that white chocolate sitting on top . . . num num num.



I don’t know why I make these torturous goals.

Daylight Savings Time

Once upon a time, Kenneth was a little boy sitting at the dinner table with his family. All of a sudden, he fell out of his chair. His dad asked what happened, and Kenneth said, “Gravity got me.” (How cute?!)


Kenneth and I are Sunbeam teachers (I love it!) and yesterday a little boy fell out of his chair. Ken asked him if gravity got him. He said, “No, a bug got me.” To which we all thought that was pretty funny, so he continued to ham it up throughout the rest of the class. It was cute.


Anyway, “Daylight savings time got us” yesterday. We missed the first part of church.


Everyone keeps on complaining that they are so tired because they lost an hour of sleep. Fortunately, we did not lose an hour of sleep. Unfortunately, everyone had to look at my rat’s nest hair-do for the entire day. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to look at it.