Date Night!

So I think I am going to start a new thang for this blog. Every Monday I am going to try to blog about the date Ken and I went on over the weekend. We try to go on at least one date a week, and we only have a budget of $20 for dates each month, so we’ll see how well it goes.


We try to alternate who chooses what we do for our date. This week was my turn.


This is what I chose:



I loved it! It was so cute! We watched it in the Varsity Theater at BYU again (like we did here) for $1 a ticket! I love cheap dates!


I love the frying pan that the man is holding (Flynn Rider . . . otherwise known as Eugene). So funny.


Anyway, I loved the movie. I think Kenneth liked it, too. There was a part where a character juggled and there was another part that included a guitar, so that was two major pluses for Kenneth deciding if he liked the movie or not. :)


One thought on “Date Night!

  1. Stacy says:

    Me and Katie tried to go on a date to see that movie on Friday but it was sold out (as it turned out, I had conveniently forgotten my money as well…haha, but really). So then we rented Ghostbusters from the LRC, but never watched it cause Keech casually had some very big news.

    Also, I have stories to tell in HOC today. Good and bad…

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