Guitars Unplugged

This Friday night Kenneth chose the date night. He decided to switch it up a bit by picking a guitar date (Note: sarcasm). We went to this-


Before I met Ken, I tried to avoid musical displays at all cost. This was my reasoning-


“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house . . . or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”


I didn’t want to become jealous of other people’s talents because I have no musical talent. No but really. While we were at Guitars Unplugged, there was a lady three seats down from us who tried to start clapping to the beat of a song. She was way off. Waaaaaay off. I wanted to help her out, so I decided the best way for me to help her would be not to clap the correct beats because I would end up doing exactly what she was doing, but just amplifying the error and making it more embarrassing for her.


Now I am trying to taste music more. Ken is so good at helping me. Besides supplying ample opportunities to let me watch guitar shows, he takes the time to teach me. And he is so patient. I’ve mentioned previously on this blog that I am trying to take a Beginning Piano class here at BYU. To say the least, I am stuggling in that class. Ken helps me so much. I love that guy. I have a greater appreciation for music . . . not that I didn’t before, but, to be honest, I was intimidated. I really do love music, and I don’t want this to come across like I didn’t at one point. I have just learned to love it more.


Anyway, I think Guitars Unplugged was a success. There were some pretty good songs! And I got to go on a date with one hot guy! And there were also free cookies. :)

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