Daylight Savings Time

Once upon a time, Kenneth was a little boy sitting at the dinner table with his family. All of a sudden, he fell out of his chair. His dad asked what happened, and Kenneth said, “Gravity got me.” (How cute?!)


Kenneth and I are Sunbeam teachers (I love it!) and yesterday a little boy fell out of his chair. Ken asked him if gravity got him. He said, “No, a bug got me.” To which we all thought that was pretty funny, so he continued to ham it up throughout the rest of the class. It was cute.


Anyway, “Daylight savings time got us” yesterday. We missed the first part of church.


Everyone keeps on complaining that they are so tired because they lost an hour of sleep. Fortunately, we did not lose an hour of sleep. Unfortunately, everyone had to look at my rat’s nest hair-do for the entire day. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to look at it.


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