Lent Update

I know that everyone has been dying to know how the lent goal has been going. Well, let me relieve you of your worrying.


When we made this goal, it was a Thursday around 11:00 am. I had already had a treat that day (I think treats are appropriate at all times of the day . . . even breakfast), so Thursday counted for one of the treat days. Friday was another treat day because at work we do “Fat day Friday” aka we have treats every Friday. So that was the second and last treat day of the week.


Luckily, we just had to go without Saturday, and then we deemed Sunday a treat day as well. But now we have gone 2.5 days without treats!!! Impressive for us. We just have to hold out for 1.5 more days! We can do it! (While trying to type “Can do it”, I put “Candy do it”. I guess you can tell what’s on my mind. Maybe I can’t do it.)


To reminisce in the days of irresponsibility (those days were, oh so, long ago . . .), I found some yummy pictures of candy.


I really like that white chocolate sitting on top . . . num num num.



I don’t know why I make these torturous goals.


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