I am Grateful for Fish


We’re Sunbeam (3-year-old kids) teachers at church. The title of our lesson yesterday was- “I am Grateful for Fish”.


Now, let me back up a bit. Over the weekend, Kenneth and I went to this cool Haiku Party! It was neat! We wrote haikus, and then they were judged. The top ten were given prizes. Kenneth and I won! Our winning haiku was:


Rapist in Lincoln Park

He’s snatchin’ your people up

So run and tell that.




So guess what we won? A goldfish!



We thought, “Perfect! Now we can bring in our fish as a visual to our lesson in one day.” Wrong. Little did we know that it was a suicidal goldfish.


We went to sleep the night before we were going to give our lesson, woke up, and the fish had jumped out of the cup. What has society come to?


2 thoughts on “I am Grateful for Fish

  1. Be honest with yourself…when have you ever had a fish for more than a week?

    Gupta, the depressed teenager (and Gurkin!–the suicidal frog!)
    George Bush

    Let me guess, you fed it french bread again?

  2. HAHAHAHA this makes me laugh so hard. Poor fishy!

    We put goldfish in the sensory table in preschool and unfortunately, most of them didn’t make it through the day. One of them had its guts squeezed out by a little girl who decided it would be fun to pick up a fish and squeeze it as hard as she could.

    P.S. You’ve asked me why we never update our blog and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a lot better at stalking other people’s blogs and commenting on their blogs than I am at making my own. :) haha.

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