This weekend was my week to choose the date night. We have a certain amount that we have budgeted in each month, so we decided to go on the cheaper side this week (although, they are almost always cheap).


Side note: Have you ever tried getting married? Do you realize how many presents you get? It’s so nice! People are so generous, and Kenneth and I were truly blessed.


Anyway, we got a tent and sleeping bags for wedding gifts, and we have been really excited to use them. Really, really, really excited (I say we, but in all reality, Kenneth may have just been humoring me). So for our date, I chose camping out in the living room! Our living room is pretty small, and we soon figured out that our tent is pretty big. We barely were able to squeeze it in. Then we put our sleeping bags and pillows inside, chose a movie, and brought the television inside as well. We had smores (don’t worry, it was one of our treat days), and went to town.


I find this picture of Kenneth hilarious!


We watched-


I have come to this conclusion:


I am not a good person to watch scary/intense movies with. I just babble, gasp, and scream. Basically, I am annoying. Kenneth says he likes to watch movies with me . . . which is good. I don’t know how he stands it. Sometimes I annoy myself.


Anyway, camping out in our living room was a success! Our backs definitely hurt in the morning. (I’ve never had this happen to me before. Does that mean I am getting . . . old?)


One thought on “Camping

  1. Katie "Awesomeness" says:

    Rachel, I am thoroughly impressed by the fact that you camped in your living room and I love the shout-out about “mares”. :D You are the best!

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