Once upon a time, Kenneth and I had to walk to our stranded car. (This story took place about 2 months ago.) There was snow on the ground, and let me tell you, it was not a warm day. Our car was stranded up near the MTC (missionary training center), which is about 2 miles from our house. We needed to put a new battery into our car, so we had to carry the car battery to the car . . . and by we I mean Kenneth.

My awesome husband carried that 30 pound battery for 1.5 miles! Up a hill! In the dead of winter. Foreals. I was so grateful. He was carrying it like a champ. Seriously, that thing was heavy. Let me put things into perspective:

I was carrying two small suitcase-like bags. I was sore the next day after carrying them for 15 minutes. Those bags weighed, maybe, 5 pounds each. Talk about a baby. Poor Kenneth had to carry that huge battery all by himself. I felt so bad. I kept offering to help, but let’s be real, I was struggling with those itty-bitty bags.

We were walking along 900 East in Provo (which is a very busy street). We had already been walking for about 20 minutes when a guy stopped and asked if he could take us to where we were going. I was so shocked, but so thankful! He asked where he could take us, we told him, and he drove us their. He apologized that he didn’t stop earlier when he was driving the other direction ten minutes ago. I thought “Wha? You feel bad that you didn’t stop earlier?” What a nice guy. He was so cool.

This taught me two very valuable lessons. I think far too often I am wrapped up in my own little world to help other people. I am not sure if I would have stopped. I am sure that man had other things that he had been planning to do that day or could have done. I am grateful that he stopped. I also think that far too often I judge. At least 100 cars drove by us that day. If I had a crowd of 100 people, I would not have guessed that that man would have been the one to stop.  He was tatooed and was a little “scruffy” looking.  This man was a great example to me.

I did not start writing this blog post to talk about what an example this man was to me. I was going to write this blog post about how great my husband is, but these two topics are interchangeable. My husband is such a great example to me. He is so amazing. He works so hard in school and at work, yet he always makes time for me. I don’t know how he does it. I am not sure how I got so lucky, but I thank Heavenly Father every day for letting Kenneth come into my life. I love you, Kenneth! :)



Everyone take a nice big breath with me. In and out. Good. We should all calm down and realize that the chances of it snowing here in Utah again are high. It’s so funny that every year everyone acts so surprised when it snows in April. It happens here in Utah. Every year.

Anyway, as usual Utah is teasing us all with nice weather. Though it may snow again, I am getting excited for summer. I am excited to take a break from school (8 months! Yea for internships! Woohoo!).

When summer does finally decide to stick around, I am going to get me a nice sun hat. I am so excited. Stace-face is getting one, too. We are going to wear our sun hats, have picnics , and make more music videos. Maybe we will do all three at once. Oh boy, maybe I’ll post some of our past music videos on here someday. That would be a special treat.

Question: You know how everyone says that fashions recycle? Then why have hats not recycled yet? Not like baseball hats, but like, cute hats that you need to store in a hat box hats? I think hats are adorable. There so old fashioned and cute. What, you don’t think so? Well, have a looksy-

That’s cute.

What? You still don’t agree? More proof-

Then why are they all out of stock? Thank you.

Basically, I want you to agree with me, so that we can all get on board for wearing hats again.

Okay, break.



Woohoo! I got an internship! If you want to know some of the details, you can look at this post because I don’t have time to explain all of the details. Granted, that post doesn’t go too in depth. It will have to suffice for now, though.


Also, if you are bored, you can look at this post, too. This is what happens when we are trying to study for finals.


Okay, so I am breaking my rule of not posting until finals are done. Big deal. Today has been a really good day, hence, reward. Moving on . . .

Kenneth is a sleep talker/walker. He warned me of this before we got married. For about three months we have had no “episodes”. Then, one morning Ken woke me up at our usual time. I begged for a few more minutes, finally got out of bed, and stretched. I looked at the dresser/closet area. There were shoes EVERYWHERE! And a card table leaning against my dresser. I asked Ken what happened, and he just started laughing.

Apparently, in the middle of the night, he had a dream that there was someone in the closet that needed help getting out. We keep our card table in the back of our closet behind the clothes, vacuum, shoes, and cardboard boxes. He decided that he needed to pull the table out. Instead of lifting it gently over everything, he yanked it out. I guess he then came to, casually got some peanut butter, and went back to bed.

Things I am concerned about:

(1) I did not stir at all!

(2) How many times did he slept walk and didn’t leave evidence, so we didn’t figure it out?

(3) My boots got squished. (Kidding about this one . . . kind of)