Okay, so I am breaking my rule of not posting until finals are done. Big deal. Today has been a really good day, hence, reward. Moving on . . .

Kenneth is a sleep talker/walker. He warned me of this before we got married. For about three months we have had no “episodes”. Then, one morning Ken woke me up at our usual time. I begged for a few more minutes, finally got out of bed, and stretched. I looked at the dresser/closet area. There were shoes EVERYWHERE! And a card table leaning against my dresser. I asked Ken what happened, and he just started laughing.

Apparently, in the middle of the night, he had a dream that there was someone in the closet that needed help getting out. We keep our card table in the back of our closet behind the clothes, vacuum, shoes, and cardboard boxes. He decided that he needed to pull the table out. Instead of lifting it gently over everything, he yanked it out. I guess he then came to, casually got some peanut butter, and went back to bed.

Things I am concerned about:

(1) I did not stir at all!

(2) How many times did he slept walk and didn’t leave evidence, so we didn’t figure it out?

(3) My boots got squished. (Kidding about this one . . . kind of)


One thought on “Nightmares

  1. Suzanne says:

    Ha ha! I didn’t know he was a sleep walker (so’s Christine – we’ve got a lot of funny Christine sleep walking stories, but the funny Kenneth ones must have happened after I left home). Too bad about the boots though.

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