Everyone take a nice big breath with me. In and out. Good. We should all calm down and realize that the chances of it snowing here in Utah again are high. It’s so funny that every year everyone acts so surprised when it snows in April. It happens here in Utah. Every year.

Anyway, as usual Utah is teasing us all with nice weather. Though it may snow again, I am getting excited for summer. I am excited to take a break from school (8 months! Yea for internships! Woohoo!).

When summer does finally decide to stick around, I am going to get me a nice sun hat. I am so excited. Stace-face is getting one, too. We are going to wear our sun hats, have picnics , and make more music videos. Maybe we will do all three at once. Oh boy, maybe I’ll post some of our past music videos on here someday. That would be a special treat.

Question: You know how everyone says that fashions recycle? Then why have hats not recycled yet? Not like baseball hats, but like, cute hats that you need to store in a hat box hats? I think hats are adorable. There so old fashioned and cute. What, you don’t think so? Well, have a looksy-

That’s cute.

What? You still don’t agree? More proof-

Then why are they all out of stock? Thank you.

Basically, I want you to agree with me, so that we can all get on board for wearing hats again.

Okay, break.

One thought on “Summer

  1. Oops. My bad for taking the vid down. My personal apologies to all your viewers. I just can’t handle the criticism. My life–so hard, so tragic, so rough. I should write a book about it.

    Also, HATS! So stoked. And you’re right. Hats are SOOO in right now. Of course, we already knew that. We’re hip.

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