Second to the FBI

So I work 8-5 Monday-Friday, and I Iove my job. I love the people I work with because they are oh-so fun (shout out!). Anyway, I take an hour lunch break every day. Typically I eat lunch with Stace-face.

Yesterday we were eating lunch outside, and this lady came up to us. She said “Habla espaniol?” I know enough Spanish to know that I should say “no” to that question.

Fact: BYU is second to the FBI in the most languages spoken. More than 2/3rds of the student body speak a second language.

Knowing this tid-bit, I got up and started asking people if they spoke Spanish. I knew that I would find someone. I asked like 20 people before someone said yes! I was surprised it took that long. This may seem funny to you that I was surprised it “took so long” if I only asked 20 people, but so many people speak Spanish at BYU! It’s not uncommon to be walking down a hallway next to a group of people casually speaking Spanish.

Anyway, while I was searching for a Spanish-speaker, the lady continued to try to talk to Stacy. It was so funny. Stacy kept on saying “No, I do not speak Spanish”, “No”, “I don’t know”, “Nope”, “Uh, I don’t understand”, etc.; however, Stacy did understand when the lady said, “I like to leer”. I think that since she understood this, it may have given the lady false hope, so that’s why she kept speaking to Stacy in Spanish. It was so funny. I laughed at Stacy from afar.

One last story that I find hilarious. You may have to look for the humor, though (think about how bizarre this truly is)-

There was a guy walking briskly past the library. In passing, I asked if he spoke Spanish. He said, nonchalantly, “No, French,” and continued walking away like it was no big deal that he could speak another language! Haha only at BYU.


The Sunbeam Bag

Again, don’t you love great deals? I definitely do.

Right now we are in a family ward here at BYU. Basically, when you get married, you have the choice to go to a family ward (some people consider it a “regular” ward) or you can go to the BYU married ward. We chose to go to the family ward. I was a little skeptical at first because I had heard the horror stories or “Newlyweds and Nearly Deads”, but seriously we love our ward . . . and it’s not just because of this experience that I’m about to blog about.

Our ward does an annual “Brunch and Swap”. It’s basically a yard sale without the yard and without the sale. The event takes place in the church gymnasium, and everyone brings all of their unwanted items to swap. Of course, I’m all about the free, so I attended.

Anyway, I was just perusing around, and I came to the shoes/purse section. I am sucker for both, so I was trying not to look because I did not need any more shoes or purses, and I was already feeling guilty for taking so much stuff. I was trying to skip over that section when I saw a really cute brown over-sized bag. Kenneth and I were looking for a good oversized bag that we could use for the Sunbeams, so I justified taking the cute bag.

Somehow, obviously beyond my control, I ended up taking the sunbeam bag to work one day. I was on my lunch break with an acquaintance, Stacy, and I plopped my bag onto the table. She said, “Home-girl, where’d you get dat?” And I said at a garage sale. For free. She said “Fo’ real? Jimmy Choo?” And I said yeah.

Apparently, the sunbeam bag is actually a designer bag. Like a nice designer bag (shows how fashionable I am). Here is the closest new Jimmy Choo bag that I could find that is similar to the one that I got-

What?! I know. Crazy expensive.

Side story:

In testimony meeting the other day, a man gets up to speak. Kenneth and I look at each other at practically the same time, with quizzical looks on our face, and said “hey, isn’t that . . . ?” Yes, Dave Rose is in our ward.

Back to the post- How cool is that? Not that I really care that it is a designer bag. Personally, I think when someone says Jimmy Choo it sounds like they are sneezing.

Now the Jimmy Choo bag is more like a running joke. When at lunch, Stacy and I pretended like we were snobs the rest of the hour and bossed each other around. “Oh yeah? I have a Jimmy Choo bag so go get me a glass of water. Hmm?” (Said in a really high voice.)

Similarly, whenever Kenneth and I go somewhere, we usually have to wait a bit until I find my purse. In that time, we always make sure to work the brand name into conversation . . . except Kenneth usually messes up the name by saying “Jimmy Ping” or “Tom Choo”. His new favorite is “Jimmy Poo”.

Now, I have the internal debate on whether to sell it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to keep it because I want to have a designer bag. I am just not sure if it’s morally okay for me to take something that was free and then sell it. But I’m pretty sure that I could get at least $200 for it . . .

I’ll let you know what I decide.

Kenneth’s Attire

I am so proud of Kenneth! He wore brown pants, brown shoes, and brown socks. I know, crazy.

*Note: I love Kenneth, and one of the reasons why I married him is because he is so laid-back. I love his good attitude, and his ability to realize what is truly important in life. Also, I am very grateful for his ability to budget. He is great and saving his money. I really admire these traits about Kenneth.

Though I love how laid-back Kenneth is, I sometimes tease Kenneth about his black and brown habit. The whole time that he worked at the MTC, he would always wear the greatest combinations of black and brown. Of course, he didn’t do it on purpose. He just didn’t care . . . and he still doesn’t. :)

Except for one day, which is documented below. Of course, this day occurred after he stopped working at the MTC. For those who don’t know, the MTC teachers have to wear church attire each day they work, so Kenneth basically wore a white shirt and tie every day of the week. Whenever I tried to find him amongst a crowd, I would look for a white shirt, a red lunch box, and a red bike. Now, all of those things are non-existent. He doesn’t have to wear church attire every day, his red lunch box got eaten by his bike, and his red bike was stolen. I am starting to wonder if Kenneth is on the verge of an identity crisis.

Anyway, back to the magical day.

This picture below is proof that I am making a dent . . . or at least he was able to recognize that he was wearing all brown. I am pretty sure that he did it on accident haha :). He was getting ready to leave, and he said “Hey Rachel, look! All brown!”. So I jumped on the opportunity to document the great day in history.

Do not pay attention to the black jacket that he put on . . . baby steps. :)

Brown pants, brown socks, AND brown shoes! The reason why his pant leg is tucked in is because that's what cool people do if they ride bikes.

Great Deals

Don’t you just love great deals? Inexpensive (I learned in my advertising class that “cheap” makes it sound like it’s poorly made . . . hence the word choice of “inexpensive”) clothing makes it that much sweeter once you make it to the register. And when you look at your bank account the next day. And when you have to tell your husband how much money you spent. :)

Recently, my home-girl Stacy and I went shopping. It was a magical experience. We never go shopping. (Except for last year at this same time.) We weren’t planning on going shopping, but then I found this hoppin’ deal from my blog-stalking (who said blog-stalking was a waste?). The deal was 50% off clearance items at my favorite store. So that gray cardigan shown above was $5. The pink shirt was also $5. And Kenneth’s shirt was $6. Yes, I know. Kenneth is so high-maintenancewith his biggest purchase of the day. Just kidding. I bought it for him. He had no say in the decision. And to clear the air, Kenneth is extremely low-maintenance. Like, I could give him 3 pieces of fruit a day, and he would be content.

For those of you that do not know, Kenneth love love loves fruit. Like sometimes I feel like I am competing with fruit. I learned quickly that to keep my husband happy, I need to keep our fruit basket well stocked, which I feel like is a reasonable request. He also likes to wait an unusually long time before he eats bananas. He thinks that they need to practically be brown before he will touch it. He always says that green bananas offend him.

Anyway, we are starting to count down the days before we can have “real fruit”  in Fiji. We are leaving August 14 and will be staying there for 2 weeks. So excited! Post to come.

Biggest Pancake EVER!

Kenneth and I really enjoy pancakes and waffles. Like a lot.

Kenneth is so kind. He typically makes breakfast while I am getting ready because he is a great husband. One day he decided that he did not want to make individual pancakes, so he just poured the batter in and made The World’s Largest Pancake.

Okay, so it was actually more like this-

Yummmmmmm. It was way good!

Random story:

My friend told me that in California, it is very typical to have a waffle house and a salon in a joint building, so that you can get your nails “did” and eat waffles at the same time. I find that hilarious.

Recently, Kenneth and I decided that we were going to try to save money by making our own pancake mix, and then storing it in our cupboard. We mixed the 6 cups of flour and the other ingredients, and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves. We thought that would make only 4 servings of waffles. We were way wrong. 8 waffles later, we realized that I wrote the serving size down wrong, and we had a ton of waffles. We are now claiming that we meant to do that, and we were trying to make eggos. We just froze the extras, and we will be eating that for the next month or so.

Anyway, completely pointless post. Enjoy!

Internship Details

Okay, I am going to explain my internship a little more.

Basically, I am one of the BYU representatives that will go around to different Utah/Idaho high schools to recruit potential students. I will typically be giving about 30-60 minute presentations about admissions, scholarships, housing, and the honors program. I then stick around and answer questions, while still making sure the pens and flyers are well stocked, and what not.

Seems pretty chill. I will drive to 2ish schools a day in a rental car that BYU pays for, including gas. They will pay me by the hour when I have to drive somewhere, and they will pay for the hotels when I need to stay in a city overnight. I think the best part of the job is that they will buy me a new wardrobe! Woot! And I will have a personal shopper! Double woot woot!

So today I got the schedule for my internship. It’s pretty rad, and I’m pretty excited. I was a little worried that I would be traveling a bunch, meaning that I would not be able to be home very often, but it’s not as bad as I had anticipated.

The first two months are the most travel. There are three full weeks that I will be gone. I will be going to Moab, Logan, and Rexburg (Yea, Tracey! I hope that you will be staying in Rexburg for Fall) for a full work week. For the whole internship, I will be spending a total of 18 days in a hotel, which is including two retreats that I will be going on in August and the three full weeks I already mentioned. Though I would prefer to stay at my own apartment with Kenneth, staying in a hotel has some nice perks. You get paid more because there are typically more hours associated with an overnight stay, and I also will get a food allowance if I stay overnight. It’s $40 a day. My boss said that he usually just eats two meals a day, and sometimes one of them is the continental breakfast AKA you can pocket the extra $30 or so. (AWESOME!) My boss likes to call it “Christmas”. Definitely pretty cool. Plus,  Kenneth can choose to come with me whenever he wants . . . but with the classes he has to take Fall, it’s pretty unlikely that will happen.

Also, I am pretty excited about some of the high schools I will be in charge of. I will be going to Juab High School (which is where my dad went), Alta (which is where some of my ole’ roomies went), I will be going to Pleasant Grove (and apparently they serve you a nice breakfast and a catered lunch! yes!), and then I will be going to Madison High in Idaho. When my boss was explaining everything to me, he said that Madison High is a very important school where they get a lot of great applicants. He told me that he was sending me because “he sends the best”. Pretty sure he was just saying that to build my confidence since we haven’t even started presenting yet, but I was pretty jazzed.

So I am going to have to “take a leave of absence” at my current job starting August 1. Thankfully, my job said they would take me back at the end of December when my internship ends (best job ever!).

So for the month of August I am going to be way spoiled. Basically, it’s non-stop vacationing for me. There are only 7 days that I will be sleeping in my own bed. I have a retreat I have to go on the first week, another retreat the second week, and then we leave for Fiji for two weeks! Wooohooo! We will get back Monday the 29, and then I will literally go straight to my internship. It’s going to be crazy. I will most likely have major jet lag, but thankfully I will not have to drive, so I’ll be able to sleep in the car ride down to Moab. Also, we will not be going to high schools until the next day, so once we get to Moab, I’ll be able to relax.

I am so excited!

This is one of the retreats I will be going to.

Kenneth’s New Job!

Have I mentioned on here that my husband got a new job? He is now a Research Assistant. He works in a lab that predicts wildfire behavior. It’s pretty neat-o. Kenneth was really excited because he thought that he was going to be able to release his pyromaniac side. Though they do burn a lot of leaves and shrubs, it is not as much as I thought (and I think what Kenneth thought as well), so I am not worried that he is going to bring work home, and burn our apartment down. (Thankfully. I now feel comfortable enough to bring the matches out of hiding.)

I am so excited and proud of Kenneth for getting this job! Here’s a link to more details on what he is doing:

Anyway, on Friday I went to the lab after I got done with work. It was way different than what I imagined that it would look like. I thought that there were going to be a big room with clean, black granite countertops, ample counter space, sinks and beakers everywhere, with nice computer stations. It was not at all like that. The room was pretty small, there was one big table with one computer and a couple of laptops, and I only saw one beaker, which was being used as a pencil holder. What was so funny is that Kenneth’s computer “station” epitomized engineering. Someone has taken a piece of glass and taped 4 wood blocks to the bottom of the glass, so that you could have a book out in front of you while still being able to type. So funny.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I thought it was way awesome and cool in the lab. I really enjoyed the tour that Kenneth gave me, and it was fun spending time in the lab. I just find it amusing how off someone can be when you imagine what something looks like. I was way off. It’s kind of like when someone reads a book, imagines their own version, sees the movie, and then gets really upset that it does not match what they imagined.

Speaking of, I’ll take this time to share this: