Kenneth’s Day

Phew . . . school is over. Well, at least it is for one of us. Poor Kenneth is taking 9 credits this semester and then 3 in the summer. Poor guy. I don’t envy him. I will not be taking classes for another 8 months due to Spring/Summer and my Fall internship. Whorah!

Now that school is over, I promise to post more than I have the last 2 weeks. It has been a crazy 2 weeks. Excuses . . . excuses . . . I know. Whatevs.

Anyway, someone had a birthday! Yes, my main man Kenneth Grant Alford had his 23rd birthday! I will explain the day via pics.

Kenneth got home from work (one of his last few days working at the MTC. Sad.) and rushed into the house. I did not have the candles lit yet, so after a good three minutes or so (I’m not very good with matches. I broke five before one actually lit.), he was able to come in and blow out all 23 candles.

And here’s my first ever attempt at decorating a cake. Don’t judge. It’s a guitar because Kenneth kind of likes guitars. Ha, more like love love loves guitars. :)

And here’s a picture of Kenneth opening his presents. I think I may have got him what he wanted . . .

It’s an Andy McKee CD aka guitar music. (I felt obligated to include some of Andy McKee’s music because Kenneth feels so strongly for this man’s music.) Kenneth immediately rushed to our boom box (Yes, we are old school), and popped that bad boy in.

Sorry it’s so blurry. Maybe sometime we will be able to afford a good camera.

We then had dinner. I made him chicken dumplings. It was what he would ask for when he was younger. Again, I think he liked it . . .

We then had a divine smoothie made by the world-class smoothie maker, Kenneth. Waaaaaaaay good. And then we watched a movie of Kenneth’s choice.

Overall, waaaay fun day!


One thought on “Kenneth’s Day

  1. ken says:

    oh my. My hair in the plate licking picture looks nappy and gross. Especially the side burn part. Thanks for the hair cut last week, amazing wife!

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