Kenneth’s New Job!

Have I mentioned on here that my husband got a new job? He is now a Research Assistant. He works in a lab that predicts wildfire behavior. It’s pretty neat-o. Kenneth was really excited because he thought that he was going to be able to release his pyromaniac side. Though they do burn a lot of leaves and shrubs, it is not as much as I thought (and I think what Kenneth thought as well), so I am not worried that he is going to bring work home, and burn our apartment down. (Thankfully. I now feel comfortable enough to bring the matches out of hiding.)

I am so excited and proud of Kenneth for getting this job! Here’s a link to more details on what he is doing:

Anyway, on Friday I went to the lab after I got done with work. It was way different than what I imagined that it would look like. I thought that there were going to be a big room with clean, black granite countertops, ample counter space, sinks and beakers everywhere, with nice computer stations. It was not at all like that. The room was pretty small, there was one big table with one computer and a couple of laptops, and I only saw one beaker, which was being used as a pencil holder. What was so funny is that Kenneth’s computer “station” epitomized engineering. Someone has taken a piece of glass and taped 4 wood blocks to the bottom of the glass, so that you could have a book out in front of you while still being able to type. So funny.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I thought it was way awesome and cool in the lab. I really enjoyed the tour that Kenneth gave me, and it was fun spending time in the lab. I just find it amusing how off someone can be when you imagine what something looks like. I was way off. It’s kind of like when someone reads a book, imagines their own version, sees the movie, and then gets really upset that it does not match what they imagined.

Speaking of, I’ll take this time to share this:


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