Internship Details

Okay, I am going to explain my internship a little more.

Basically, I am one of the BYU representatives that will go around to different Utah/Idaho high schools to recruit potential students. I will typically be giving about 30-60 minute presentations about admissions, scholarships, housing, and the honors program. I then stick around and answer questions, while still making sure the pens and flyers are well stocked, and what not.

Seems pretty chill. I will drive to 2ish schools a day in a rental car that BYU pays for, including gas. They will pay me by the hour when I have to drive somewhere, and they will pay for the hotels when I need to stay in a city overnight. I think the best part of the job is that they will buy me a new wardrobe! Woot! And I will have a personal shopper! Double woot woot!

So today I got the schedule for my internship. It’s pretty rad, and I’m pretty excited. I was a little worried that I would be traveling a bunch, meaning that I would not be able to be home very often, but it’s not as bad as I had anticipated.

The first two months are the most travel. There are three full weeks that I will be gone. I will be going to Moab, Logan, and Rexburg (Yea, Tracey! I hope that you will be staying in Rexburg for Fall) for a full work week. For the whole internship, I will be spending a total of 18 days in a hotel, which is including two retreats that I will be going on in August and the three full weeks I already mentioned. Though I would prefer to stay at my own apartment with Kenneth, staying in a hotel has some nice perks. You get paid more because there are typically more hours associated with an overnight stay, and I also will get a food allowance if I stay overnight. It’s $40 a day. My boss said that he usually just eats two meals a day, and sometimes one of them is the continental breakfast AKA you can pocket the extra $30 or so. (AWESOME!) My boss likes to call it “Christmas”. Definitely pretty cool. Plus,  Kenneth can choose to come with me whenever he wants . . . but with the classes he has to take Fall, it’s pretty unlikely that will happen.

Also, I am pretty excited about some of the high schools I will be in charge of. I will be going to Juab High School (which is where my dad went), Alta (which is where some of my ole’ roomies went), I will be going to Pleasant Grove (and apparently they serve you a nice breakfast and a catered lunch! yes!), and then I will be going to Madison High in Idaho. When my boss was explaining everything to me, he said that Madison High is a very important school where they get a lot of great applicants. He told me that he was sending me because “he sends the best”. Pretty sure he was just saying that to build my confidence since we haven’t even started presenting yet, but I was pretty jazzed.

So I am going to have to “take a leave of absence” at my current job starting August 1. Thankfully, my job said they would take me back at the end of December when my internship ends (best job ever!).

So for the month of August I am going to be way spoiled. Basically, it’s non-stop vacationing for me. There are only 7 days that I will be sleeping in my own bed. I have a retreat I have to go on the first week, another retreat the second week, and then we leave for Fiji for two weeks! Wooohooo! We will get back Monday the 29, and then I will literally go straight to my internship. It’s going to be crazy. I will most likely have major jet lag, but thankfully I will not have to drive, so I’ll be able to sleep in the car ride down to Moab. Also, we will not be going to high schools until the next day, so once we get to Moab, I’ll be able to relax.

I am so excited!

This is one of the retreats I will be going to.

4 thoughts on “Internship Details

  1. Karie Chamberlain says:

    RACHEL THIS SOUNDS SO LEGIT!!! So excited for you, and stoked that the timing of everything and perks seem to work out perfectly!!!! Keep me updated :)

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