Great Deals

Don’t you just love great deals? Inexpensive (I learned in my advertising class that “cheap” makes it sound like it’s poorly made . . . hence the word choice of “inexpensive”) clothing makes it that much sweeter once you make it to the register. And when you look at your bank account the next day. And when you have to tell your husband how much money you spent. :)

Recently, my home-girl Stacy and I went shopping. It was a magical experience. We never go shopping. (Except for last year at this same time.) We weren’t planning on going shopping, but then I found this hoppin’ deal from my blog-stalking (who said blog-stalking was a waste?). The deal was 50% off clearance items at my favorite store. So that gray cardigan shown above was $5. The pink shirt was also $5. And Kenneth’s shirt was $6. Yes, I know. Kenneth is so high-maintenancewith his biggest purchase of the day. Just kidding. I bought it for him. He had no say in the decision. And to clear the air, Kenneth is extremely low-maintenance. Like, I could give him 3 pieces of fruit a day, and he would be content.

For those of you that do not know, Kenneth love love loves fruit. Like sometimes I feel like I am competing with fruit. I learned quickly that to keep my husband happy, I need to keep our fruit basket well stocked, which I feel like is a reasonable request. He also likes to wait an unusually long time before he eats bananas. He thinks that they need to practically be brown before he will touch it. He always says that green bananas offend him.

Anyway, we are starting to count down the days before we can have “real fruit”  in Fiji. We are leaving August 14 and will be staying there for 2 weeks. So excited! Post to come.


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