Kenneth’s Attire

I am so proud of Kenneth! He wore brown pants, brown shoes, and brown socks. I know, crazy.

*Note: I love Kenneth, and one of the reasons why I married him is because he is so laid-back. I love his good attitude, and his ability to realize what is truly important in life. Also, I am very grateful for his ability to budget. He is great and saving his money. I really admire these traits about Kenneth.

Though I love how laid-back Kenneth is, I sometimes tease Kenneth about his black and brown habit. The whole time that he worked at the MTC, he would always wear the greatest combinations of black and brown. Of course, he didn’t do it on purpose. He just didn’t care . . . and he still doesn’t. :)

Except for one day, which is documented below. Of course, this day occurred after he stopped working at the MTC. For those who don’t know, the MTC teachers have to wear church attire each day they work, so Kenneth basically wore a white shirt and tie every day of the week. Whenever I tried to find him amongst a crowd, I would look for a white shirt, a red lunch box, and a red bike. Now, all of those things are non-existent. He doesn’t have to wear church attire every day, his red lunch box got eaten by his bike, and his red bike was stolen. I am starting to wonder if Kenneth is on the verge of an identity crisis.

Anyway, back to the magical day.

This picture below is proof that I am making a dent . . . or at least he was able to recognize that he was wearing all brown. I am pretty sure that he did it on accident haha :). He was getting ready to leave, and he said “Hey Rachel, look! All brown!”. So I jumped on the opportunity to document the great day in history.

Do not pay attention to the black jacket that he put on . . . baby steps. :)

Brown pants, brown socks, AND brown shoes! The reason why his pant leg is tucked in is because that's what cool people do if they ride bikes.

3 thoughts on “Kenneth’s Attire

  1. ahaha, the black jacket…baby steps.

    He lost his lunch box?!? A tragedy! No, but really. That was how I could recognize him from afar off, which I of course did on a regular basis.

  2. ken says:

    aaaaand! a brown belt! Can’t forget that one now, can we. You just wait…I might even wear all black this week to church. maybe

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