The Sunbeam Bag

Again, don’t you love great deals? I definitely do.

Right now we are in a family ward here at BYU. Basically, when you get married, you have the choice to go to a family ward (some people consider it a “regular” ward) or you can go to the BYU married ward. We chose to go to the family ward. I was a little skeptical at first because I had heard the horror stories or “Newlyweds and Nearly Deads”, but seriously we love our ward . . . and it’s not just because of this experience that I’m about to blog about.

Our ward does an annual “Brunch and Swap”. It’s basically a yard sale without the yard and without the sale. The event takes place in the church gymnasium, and everyone brings all of their unwanted items to swap. Of course, I’m all about the free, so I attended.

Anyway, I was just perusing around, and I came to the shoes/purse section. I am sucker for both, so I was trying not to look because I did not need any more shoes or purses, and I was already feeling guilty for taking so much stuff. I was trying to skip over that section when I saw a really cute brown over-sized bag. Kenneth and I were looking for a good oversized bag that we could use for the Sunbeams, so I justified taking the cute bag.

Somehow, obviously beyond my control, I ended up taking the sunbeam bag to work one day. I was on my lunch break with an acquaintance, Stacy, and I plopped my bag onto the table. She said, “Home-girl, where’d you get dat?” And I said at a garage sale. For free. She said “Fo’ real? Jimmy Choo?” And I said yeah.

Apparently, the sunbeam bag is actually a designer bag. Like a nice designer bag (shows how fashionable I am). Here is the closest new Jimmy Choo bag that I could find that is similar to the one that I got-

What?! I know. Crazy expensive.

Side story:

In testimony meeting the other day, a man gets up to speak. Kenneth and I look at each other at practically the same time, with quizzical looks on our face, and said “hey, isn’t that . . . ?” Yes, Dave Rose is in our ward.

Back to the post- How cool is that? Not that I really care that it is a designer bag. Personally, I think when someone says Jimmy Choo it sounds like they are sneezing.

Now the Jimmy Choo bag is more like a running joke. When at lunch, Stacy and I pretended like we were snobs the rest of the hour and bossed each other around. “Oh yeah? I have a Jimmy Choo bag so go get me a glass of water. Hmm?” (Said in a really high voice.)

Similarly, whenever Kenneth and I go somewhere, we usually have to wait a bit until I find my purse. In that time, we always make sure to work the brand name into conversation . . . except Kenneth usually messes up the name by saying “Jimmy Ping” or “Tom Choo”. His new favorite is “Jimmy Poo”.

Now, I have the internal debate on whether to sell it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to keep it because I want to have a designer bag. I am just not sure if it’s morally okay for me to take something that was free and then sell it. But I’m pretty sure that I could get at least $200 for it . . .

I’ll let you know what I decide.

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