The Cellar

One time husband and I were gardening in “our” backyard (technically it’s not ours . . . we’re renting).  We were weeding and such, when we noticed a wooden box thing. We had been living at our duplex for about three or four months before we realized that there was a wooden box in our yard. Kind of pathetic, I know. Anyway, we dared each other to pick it up, and after a minute or so of debating who should have to lift the lid, Kenneth lifted the lid. :)


When Kenneth lifted the lid, we realized that it was the opening to a cellar. The house we live in was made in the ‘40’s, which was before refrigerators were invented, or at least before fridges were widely used. I guess people used to use the cellar as an ice box. People would buy ice, put it in the cellar, and store all of their perishables down there. Pretty cool.


Now it is a dark, scary spider home. I do not like spiders . . . at all. I’m a huge baby when it comes to killing spiders. Thankfully, my husband kills them for me. To take this picture, I had a second or two of freak-out, but then I sucked it up and lifted the lid. (The sacrifices I make for this blog are unreal.) I’m sure my freak-out was a sight to see. My poor neighbors.


I waited until night to take this picture to make it look more scary. Did it work?

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