Ultimate Frisbee!

Kenneth is an AWESOME frisbee player. The second date that we went on when we were dating was a Frisbee golf date. It was a double date with two other friends, and it was a blast!


I am extremely bad at Frisbee. Before I met Kenneth, I had only thrown a Frisbee like 5 times total, and I probably caught it 0 times. One of the traits that I love about Kenneth is his patience and kindness. Throughout the whole date, he was encouraging me and didn’t ever make me feel silly. (I’ve been using the word “silly” a lot lately. It reminds me of my mother . . . which isn’t a bad thing.) We were playing teams, so it was Kenneth and I vs. our two friends. Let’s just say that Kenneth carried our team.


So we were having a blast playing Frisbee, but then Kenneth ended the date to go on another date. Don’t worry; I tease him enough about this.


Anyway, this past week Kenneth had his ultimate Frisbee tournament game. His team did pretty well this past season, so they were bumped to the higher division. Kenneth tried to appeal it, but he was a few hours late, so they said “No way, Jose”. I say, “Sir, that’s not cool”.


If they hadn’t been put in the higher division, they would’ve been intramural champs, and they would have gotten the coveted T-shirt. Anyway, here are some pictures from the game (It was still a good game.):


Kenneth throwing the Frisbee. (Look at the pretty colors in the background! Isn't this a good picture?)

The other team got up in everyone's face. Good strategy, but I was getting annoyed just sitting on the sidelines.

That's my husband. Isn't he cute?

Action-shot. Sorry it's blurry.

Valiant effort Pickles and Stenson. (You do not want to know what they’re named after. Boys are so weird.) They lost for this season, but hopefully they will be able to redeem themselves Summer term.

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