So the first date that Kenneth and I went on consisted of being kicked out of the Wilkinson Center, having a ball putted up Kenneth’s shorts, and Kenneth coming in last place. :)

What we did for the date was mini-golfing around campus. We each took turns making up different ridiculously impossible holes, like going up a handicapped ramp or going down flights of stairs, by placing a plastic cup in random spots around campus. It was extremely fun.

This past month we checked up on Kenneth’s parents’ house periodically. They graciously gave us some “fun money”, so we decided to do something we would not normally do, so we went to Trafalga. It was a blast! I have never been, but it was pretty fun. We went mini-golfing, go-kart racing, played arcade games, and ate dip-and-dots (for a pretty good price, too!). Trafalga does date nights, and the names of the date packages are hilarious. The smallest package is called “Cubic Zirconia”. Haha.

So this go-around, Kenneth came in first, almost all the arcade games were broken, and he creamed me in go-kart racing. He had to slow down so that I could catch because he was so bored.


Look at that form! He even is sticking out his tongue!

This is the ending hole. Your ball gets sucked away forever. Also, look at the sky. That probably would be way cooler if I had a nicer camera.

Kenneth in his victory pose.

Thanks for the fun money, Mom and Dad! :)


Embarrassing story:

We played air-hockey twice, and we were getting way into it. We were slamming the poor puck as hard as we could back and forth (or at least I was wailing on it as hard as I could . . . Kenneth probably wasn’t). I am happy to say that we both walked away happy because we both won one game. Anyway, the next day my arm was sore. Pathetic.


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