Sinking to a Whole New Level

Yesterday Kenneth and I hit a new low.

If you didn’t know, yesterday was 7/11, which means free slurpees at 7/11! At 5 I rushed out of work, and Ken and I went to 7/11. There were no free slurpee cups left, so we went to another one. We found the same results at that 7/11. Ken saw a friend there, and they told us about another 7/11 a few blocks away. We decided to try it out.

Ken dropped me off so I could run in to see if they still had cups, and they did! :) I patiently waited in line. Ken came inside as we were nearing the front. Then they ran out of cups! We were right there.

And that’s when we sunk to a whole new level. Ken said, “No one will deny me of my free slurpee.” And then he made it happen.

Ken saw a free slurpee cup on the counter. He took the used mustard packets out of the cup. He surveyed the cup, saw the crack that ran from the top to the bottom, and wrapped his hand around the cup. He then filled it, rushed over to a corner, wrapped a napkin around the cracked cup, and slurped up the slurpee.

Yes, we used a used cup. Yes, the first sip tasted like mustard. Yes, there could have been all kinds of diseases. Yes, I am not concerned because I am currently being vaccinated for all sorts of fun stuff . . . so I know that won’t really help. I am just trying to justify our actions.

On that note, one month until Fiji! :)

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