The Hibiscus

While we were in Fiji, we came the week of the Hibiscus! No, I am not referencing the flower, even though the hibiscus flower is quite beautiful as well.

The Hibiscus Festival is basically the Miss America pageant, but there is a big carnival and parade as well. Thankfully they show the Hibiscus competition or Miss/Mr. Fiji on televison. Let’s just say that we found a few gems from the Hibiscus festival.

One night we were trying to walk back from the marketplace with all of our souvenirs we had just bought. We happened to start walking right when the big parade was starting. People were lining up all over the place to watch, and the streets were obviously occupied due to the parade, so we were kind of stuck. It was one of our last days, so we were trying to get everything done before we left Suva, so we did not have time to stop and watch the parade. . . but we practically did stop and watch. We had to walk 4 blocks to get to our hotel. Just 4 blocks, people. Guess how long it took us? Forty-five minutes. Surprisingly, it was not completely horrible. The Fijian people were pretty nice and polite. The humorous part of the story, though-

After politely shuffling along 4 blocks, we started to see the opening from the crowd. At this point, so many people were watching the parade that if you were trying to walk on the “sidewalk”, you had to walk in a single file line. We were just a few feet from the opening of this chaos, when all of a sudden I trip on these people sitting down! Yes, a family of five was sitting on the sidewalk at the mouth of the swarm of people. I apologized for tripping over the mother, and she looked up at me like I was the rudest thing. I wanted to be like, “Lady, do you realize how long I have been stuck in a huge crowd of people because you were clogging the walkway because you decided to sit on your fanny right here?” But I decided that might not be polite or something.

The second gem that we ran across is hard to adequately describe. To try to set the stage and help you understand the atmosphere, we were watching the Mr. Fijian contest on television one night when one of the contestants got on stage and showed everyone how he was really good at making picture slide shows.  You may be asking yourself, “How can you show an audience how to make a picture slide show?” Well, you can’t. To display his talent, he brought his computer up onstage, sat down on the floor, and waited for his computer to boot up. It was way awkward.

The reason why I tell you this story is to show that the contestants’ talents aren’t adequately screened, which brings me to my favorite talent. The contestant who sang “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban. It was awful! He had the corniest dance moves to go along with his horrible singing. Kenneth and I were watching it on television with some locals. We were trying so hard not to laugh because we didn’t want to offend them, but all of the sudden one of the kids said, “Man, it sounds like he is sick!” And then we lost it. I seriously thought it was a spoof. I was hoping that I would be able to find it on YouTube because it was so bad, but not many people have video cameras, so I tried to find the closest thing-

The last gem that we came across from the Hibiscus festival is my personal favorite. We were walking around the carnival one night and we came across this-

The Rise 'n Fall of Osama: "The Fox of the Desert"

It is a plane from one of the little rides that goes up and down in a circle. So funny!

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