Have you ever met a girl named Stacy LeCheminant? (Tip: Don’t spend too much time sounding out that last name. Just think of it like “Le . . . ” You’ll save a lot of brain power.) She’s a pretty spunky girl, and she has a pretty cool blog. I hate to admit that in case her pride gets blown out of proportion, but her blog is seriously my favorite. It’s not because she writes hilariously funny posts, remembers the funny details that I never can, summarizes freshman year so nicely, or makes awesome videos of fun nights, but mainly because I have a huge section all about me! Ha, I kid.

But seriously, check her out. She’s pretty rad . . . occasionally. Plus, she always looks really good:

This is the album cover of her new CD titled Owl Eyes.

A little too up close and personal, collecting unwanted doughnuts, rockin’ the Shirley Temple, and pretending to be a cat.

And then of course, the diva look. We mustn’t forget that one.

2 thoughts on “Stace-Face

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! A post dedicated entirely to me!!!!! Finally after all these years of blogging post after post about you, you have finally caught on to me true objective: to get you to write about me.


    Also, awesome picture selection. Love the gigantic deer in headlights look on me…so flattering.

    Oh, and since it appears you accidentally forgot to actually tell your millions of readers how to get to my blog, i’ll do it for you:

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