Bambi, Michael Jackson, and the Devil Horns

Yep, I was nontraditional for my wedding, and I don’t regret one bit of it. Kenneth saw me in my wedding dress before the wedding day because I decided that I wanted to get bridals (which I am extremely happy we did so because it rained on our wedding day), but I didn’t want a million pictures of myself . . . call me weird.

So Kenneth came with me to take bridals! Let me tell you, there are some gems. Here are my favorite three:

This is when we were asked not to smile. This picture cracks me up. I look extremely angry, and I love Kenneth’s slightly pouted lips. It reminds me of Bambi. Pretty sure we are going to be asked to be on America’s Next Top Model.

Did you know that Kenneth dresses up like Michael Jackson on the weekends? It certainly looks like it in this picture! We were all posed, and then this huge gust of wind came, which resulted in this picture. Then Kenneth proceeded to do the full fourteen minute thriller dance by himself . . . not really, but that would’ve been awesome.

And then, of course, Kenneth and I decided that we wanted to switch it up a bit, so he spiked my hair up to give me devil horns. Cute, right?

Though we had these awkward pics, we really did get a few good ones. Looksy here:

Thanks, Mason Wooley!


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