Iron Woman

This past Saturday Kenneth’s persuading skills most have been top-notch. He talked me into going to the gym with him to lift weights. I usually just exercise on the elliptical while reading a book, but for some reason he persuaded me into switching it up and getting a little crazy. So on Saturday he taught me different things I could do and exercised right next to me for most of the time. Man, the next day I was so sore. It hurt to turn the steering wheel . . . yes, I am a baby.

I try to put a picture with every post, so I thought this picture accurately depicted me as a baby, and with Halloween only 3 days away, I thought it was perfect.

So on Tuesday we lifted weights again. Kenneth asked me if I wanted him to stay with me again. I said that I felt comfortable enough to break out and try things on my own. He agreed and said he would just come check up on me every so often. So I went out on my own, and I was doing awesome! I was unstoppable on this one machine. I just kept going and going. I seriously had the thought in my head, “Man, I’m rockin’ this! Look at me go! I must build muscle fast.” Then, Kenneth came over to me and whispered in my ear, “You are on the machine backwards.” Ha, oops.


Thanks, Mom!

So when I was single, my roommates and I really enjoyed looking at wedding blogs, pictures, and magazines. See exhibit A-

Yes, three of the same exact bridal magazine. I won’t even tell you how many bridal magazines we actually had. It was pretty embarrassing. I don’t want you to think that we were some of those girls that are obsessed with getting married. We definitely were not. We just liked looking at bridal blogs, pictures, and magazines.

Anyway, the reason why I tell you this is because I was looking at a bridal blog, and I came across a really neat idea for a guest book, so I decided to do it for my wedding. This is what we did-


We had our guest book be quilt squares! Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, we were able to make this happen. She cut squares for people to sign when they came in. Then she made the squares into a quilt, with a help from a family friend as well. Thanks Sister Cochran! Now we are able to hang this beautiful quilt on our wall. I am so excited! This is what it looks like-

And this is the back-

I loved everyone’s personal squares of advice! It is so much fun to look at them all. Here are a few of my favorites-

Mom hand sketched this on! So great! Love it.

And then of course, we cannot forget my dad’s-

He said that he couldn’t put into words how he felt because he was so emotional, so he left it blank. He said that we could just choose to put any words into his mouth that we felt like we needed. For example: Ken and Rachel, I am going to give you a million dollars. Love Dad . . . I am planning on taking him up on this. :)

Half Birthday Fluids post

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! In honor of my half birthday today I felt it appropriate to make my second ever post on this blog.

Well, it’s not actually in honor of my half birthday, but whatever. I’m more doing this to surprise my wonderful wife Rachel and am curious what she will say when she finds this post. Aaaand…I may or may not be procrastinating my physical chemistry reading that I have to do tonight and my list of plausible distractions is waning quickly.

With that said, I sure love being married to an amazing girl like Rachel. With her internship this semester it’s been strange having her out of town so much (I think a total of 18 nights since August), but thankfully that has come to an end with her most recent trip to Idaho this past weekend. It’s good to have her back and I love spending time with her. I also enjoy the delicious cookies that she makes!

And now to leave you with a few words of wisdom from the great Lewis F. Richardson to make you grateful that you aren’t taking fluid mechanics now (and to prove that this post was actually written by Ken):

“Big whorls have little whorls
That feed on their velocity,
And little whorls have lesser whorls
And so on to viscosity.”

Side note, I tried putting in a picture in this post but couldn’t get it to work so apparently a simple blog website is beyond my computer skills. Sad

One year ago today . . .

One year ago today Kenneth proposed to me. Wow. It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around this. One year. Holy cow. Pull out the walker and wheel chair because time is flying!

I thought I would explain how he proposed to me.

Kenneth and I were at a gas station and he turned to me and asked, “Can you keep your eyes closed, or do I need to blindfold you?” He knew me too well, so he blindfolded me . . . with a t-shirt. Gotta love those engineers. :) He then proceeded to take me on a wild goose chase because he was trying to disorient me. He did a pretty good job of that because I thought we were at Sundance or something. We were actually just at Rock Canyon Park.

In this picture I am freaking out because I thought we were on a huge cliff, and I was afraid I was going to fall off because I knew we had driven up a big hill.

My awesome sister-in-law, Suzanne, took pictures of the in-the-moment proposal. I had no idea, but I was so grateful that she captured this for us! Thanks!

He proposed at a special spot for us. One time we were playing hide-and-go-seek with some of our friends . We hid up in this tree, and we were up there for a long time because  no one could find us. All of a sudden, Ken leaned in and kissed me while we were up in that tree. I nearly fell out of the tree I was so shocked.

I was so excited that I somehow ended kneeling next to him. Apparently that’s not what you’re suppose to do when someone is proposing to you.

And it looks like Ken is a terrorist because he blindfolded me with a t-shirt.

Then we had a picnic dinner from my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. It was perfect!

Let’s just say, I was a little excited.

And there’s my cute amazing husband. Thanks Ken for making that such a special day. It was exactly what I always wanted.

Site Stats

So you know that post that I wrote 4 months ago called “Biggest Pancake EVER!” ? So this is kind of crazy. Our blog is #10 on Google and #2 on Google Images if you type “the World’s largest pancake ever”. Because of this, we get an unusual amount of traffic reading the Biggest Pancake Ever post.


The reason why I am writing about this because it’s pretty ridiculous. Here are our site stats for searches that were brought to our blog over the past 4 months. Check it out-



Kind of crazy. This is just a snippet of the 5 pages. There has been over 500 views due to people searching a bajillion different forms of “the world’s biggest pancake”. It made me realize how creatively people can phrase the same exact thing.


There are some crazy things that people search that bring them to our blog. Here is my favorite one-


I loved that someone searched this and was brought to our website. I think it’s because of this post-

Maybe I will post a picture of the new yellow shirt that we bought for Kenneth for him to wear during Career Fair week. Apparently he got a few compliments. Stay tuned.