Site Stats

So you know that post that I wrote 4 months ago called “Biggest Pancake EVER!” ? So this is kind of crazy. Our blog is #10 on Google and #2 on Google Images if you type “the World’s largest pancake ever”. Because of this, we get an unusual amount of traffic reading the Biggest Pancake Ever post.


The reason why I am writing about this because it’s pretty ridiculous. Here are our site stats for searches that were brought to our blog over the past 4 months. Check it out-



Kind of crazy. This is just a snippet of the 5 pages. There has been over 500 views due to people searching a bajillion different forms of “the world’s biggest pancake”. It made me realize how creatively people can phrase the same exact thing.


There are some crazy things that people search that bring them to our blog. Here is my favorite one-


I loved that someone searched this and was brought to our website. I think it’s because of this post-

Maybe I will post a picture of the new yellow shirt that we bought for Kenneth for him to wear during Career Fair week. Apparently he got a few compliments. Stay tuned.

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