Thanks, Mom!

So when I was single, my roommates and I really enjoyed looking at wedding blogs, pictures, and magazines. See exhibit A-

Yes, three of the same exact bridal magazine. I won’t even tell you how many bridal magazines we actually had. It was pretty embarrassing. I don’t want you to think that we were some of those girls that are obsessed with getting married. We definitely were not. We just liked looking at bridal blogs, pictures, and magazines.

Anyway, the reason why I tell you this is because I was looking at a bridal blog, and I came across a really neat idea for a guest book, so I decided to do it for my wedding. This is what we did-


We had our guest book be quilt squares! Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, we were able to make this happen. She cut squares for people to sign when they came in. Then she made the squares into a quilt, with a help from a family friend as well. Thanks Sister Cochran! Now we are able to hang this beautiful quilt on our wall. I am so excited! This is what it looks like-

And this is the back-

I loved everyone’s personal squares of advice! It is so much fun to look at them all. Here are a few of my favorites-

Mom hand sketched this on! So great! Love it.

And then of course, we cannot forget my dad’s-

He said that he couldn’t put into words how he felt because he was so emotional, so he left it blank. He said that we could just choose to put any words into his mouth that we felt like we needed. For example: Ken and Rachel, I am going to give you a million dollars. Love Dad . . . I am planning on taking him up on this. :)

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Mom!

  1. I still love how we’re in the background of the pic of Karie it looks like we’re about to have a smackdown of sorts and Kenneth is ready to ref.

    Also, I’m SOOO MADD that my square didn’t make the blogging cut…mostly because I can’t remember what I said and I’m sure it was awesome.

    So cool though!

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