Marli’s Here!

Yea! My older sister had her baby today at 7:46 a.m., which is the first grandchild on my side. Her name is Marli, and she weighs 7 pounds and 5 ounces, and apparently she has a lot of hair. I’m still awaiting a picture.

Congratulations Tracey and Jacob Dorsey! :)


My 11/12 Birthday

So I decided to throw a surprise 11/12 Birthday party for myself. Okay, not really. It was for Stacy, which just happens to be my 11/12 Birthday, and we all know that is way  more important.

So Stacy didn’t know about the party, but I swear she was trying to give me as many heart attacks as she could. First, she told me that she was going to be in Sandy the day of her party and wouldn’t get back to Provo until 9 pm, and her party was starting at 8 pm. I had to lie to her and tell her that I bought tickets to something, so we had to be seated at 8:15. We then realized that she was thinking it was a different Friday than the day of her party. Geeze o’ Petes (Kenneth just pointed out to me that I say that all the time, and the first time I said this he had no idea what I was saying. Then i realized that I didn’t really know what I was saying either. Pretty sure that my mom says that.)

Then, on the day of her party, she went to take a test at 3:30 in the afternoon. I told her that our date, which she thought was paying her back for the recent date she took me on, was going to start at 7. She didn’t get out of her test until like 7:45, so I was pretty nervous about that situation as well because the guests were going to start arriving at her apartment at 8. Everything worked out, though.

That’s a pic of Stacy running away from the silly string attack.

And then a great pic of Stacy posing, but more importantly a great pic of Katie in the background.

Christmas Decorations!

Yesterday we got the Christmas decorations up. They’re not much, but we got all of the decorations free from a swap meet, so we were pretty excited.

Here’s the dining room:

Here is our living room:

And yes, that is our “Christmas Tree” in the corner. The right corner. Yes, those twigs on the table.

This is the advent calendar that Kenneth’s mom made for us. Thanks!

Here is our “piano”:

And our “mantel” (Trace, thanks for the candle. We love it!):

And then, of course, the mistletoe:

And our “entertainment center” (do you like how everything is in quotes, like it isn’t actually what I’m saying it is? It just seems like everything is . . . you know, typical of poor college students, thus needing quotes.):

And then a close-up of our “Christmas Tree”. (It’s actually three trees. We are just that into Christmas.):

And since we finally got this hung up, here is a picture of the quilt above our bed:

Yay for finally being able to listen to Christmas music out in the open instead of hiding it! :)

Olden Times

So in our church, people are given “callings” because everything is volunteer-based. Typically, the protocol is that the leader will pray about who should be given a certain calling, ask the person if they will accept, and then “sustain” the person in front of the congregation at church. Back in the 1800’s, people would be given a calling from the pulpit without previous knowledge. In modern times, people are told beforehand and given a choice to accept or not.

On Sunday when we went to church, someone got up to do the usual sustainings. All of a sudden, the guy said, “Kenneth Alford. It is proposed that Kenneth Alford be sustained as the Assistant Executive Secretary.” Without missing a beat, Kenneth was up. When he sat down, I smacked his arm and said, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” And he looked at me, smiled, and said, “I didn’t know.”

I think that if that would’ve been me, I probably would not have stood up, or at least waited a long time before doing so. Kenneth said that it took him a second to realize that his dad or grandfather was not in the congregation, and that it was indeed him they were referencing. Come to find out later, that there was just some miscommunication, and the person who announced it thought that Kenneth was told already. :)

Tracey’s Baby Shower

I love my internship! I was able to go up to Rexburg for a business trip, which is where my sister and brother-in-law live. What was awesome was that I just happened to go to Rexburg the week of Tracey’s birthday and baby shower! It was a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures from Tracey’s baby shower. She is due December 3.

What a cute cake, right? If only I could decorate cakes half as well as this one. Oh, and Tracey is having a baby girl named Marli.

Here are the “mommy” dogs. After we started making them we realized that we should have bought mini hot dogs and put it in the “stomach” of the “mommy” dogs.

Sorry, I found this picture on pinterest, so that’s why there is writing on the top. We made these pretzel bites as well. Holy cow are they good! I ate . . . well, I’m not going to tell you how many. Waaaay more than any normal person should. You can just put salt on them, or you can get crazy and put icing on them, cinnamon and sugar, or garlic. So good.

So I recently got an offer to stay at my internship’s office for the rest of my time at BYU. It was a hard choice for me because I love the people that I worked with at my old job, but it was too good of an offer to turn down, so I accepted. So come winter semester, my new title will be Rachel Alford, Rep Assistant. Sorta professional, right?

Anyway, because of this new job, they sent me to Idaho again because I am taking on a project that BYU-Idaho has done for the last several years. It was awesome to see Tracey and Jacob again. Tracey always has the funniest stories about her preschool students, and she tells so many of them that she can never finish her food at the dinner table. “Tracey, you have to take three more bites until you can tell another story.” :)

Love you guys! Hope to see you (and Marli) in January!


A few weeks ago I was talking to my neighbor, and she mentioned that we should give each other keys in case we are ever locked out. Boy, I wish I had done it the next day.

Literally two days later, Kenneth and I accidentally locked ourselves out of our apartment when we were going on a date together. So then we had a really fun date night! Really, no sarcasm. I enjoyed spending time trying to break into our apartment. Is that bad? I promise I’m not a criminal.

We had no success breaking into our apartment that evening, and our landlord was out of town camping, so thankfully Ken’s sister, Suzanne, lives two doors down from us, and she took us in for the evening. We slept there for the night, and her kids were very confused in the morning when Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ken had a sleepover at their house, but they weren’t told about it until the morning.

So we finally were able to get into our own apartment. Can’t tell you how, it’s confidential, but basically we’re geniuses.

No, I did not encourage him to put his hood on like this, but it really does add to the criminal feel, right?

What Marriage Does to Ya

So recently I have noticed the different ways that Kenneth and I have begun to mesh our lives together. When I was single, I did not anticipate how hard that was going to be. It’s been hard, but it has definitely been worth it. Marriage is awesome!

Anyway, Kenneth may have meshed to me more than I have to him. Here are some examples-

Kenneth’s back tire on his bike is flat, so he has been riding my beauty around. I guess just last week he rode past some girls who complimented him for his cute pink bike.

Also, with the recent drop in the temperatures, Kenneth has decided that he wants some warm clothing, so logically he chose these options-

Please note his wedding ring in the above picture. Now please note his wedding ring in the below picture-

And lastly, his favorite. Nearly everyday he wears a pair of my socks.

Oh, the ways that marriage blends you together. :)