So yesterday was the last day of traveling to different high schools and recruiting for my internship. I was actually pretty sad that I would not be going to different high schools anymore. I loved meeting different kids excited to come to BYU. I met some pretty interesting people, but I’ll spare you.

At the high schools, all of the different universities gave out pamphlets to the high school students. One of my dear friend-colleges, yes I just made that up, made a boo-boo, though. This is the picture featured on the back of their pamphlet-

Do you see something wrong with this picture? There’s something major, but I will get you thinking by pointing out this-

These “people” are the same person! They just photo-shopped the hair and clothes to be different. The coat over the arm really gave it away, though.

Okay, so ready for the big whoopsy? Here it is-

At this university, students are not allowed to wear flip-flops, so they were trying to cut the illegal student out of the picture, but they forgot to take out the most important part! Oh, so funny! I love it. Unfortunately,  tens of thousands were printed, so they still have to give this pamphlet out.


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