That Stacy Girl

So, I don’t know, like a month ago Stacy invited me on a date. You might be thinking that is weird, but the really weird thing was that she paid! I know. Crazy.

We went to this little gem-

And yes, it is as good as that picture on the sign. We ate pazookies. It was de-li-cious! And such a cute cafe. I want to go back sometime.

Kenneth was doing homework when I was out, and he was going to try to be home by the time that I got home. I told him it would be an hour or so. Luckily Kenneth knows me well enough to know that when I say an hour when I am hanging out with Stacy, he knows to always add a couple of hours onto whatever I have said.

It was so fun talking about anything and everything about our lives. And echoing one another’s punch lines once it’s delivered. And recycling the same jokes multiple times. For example, don’t know how many times we’ve recycled this joke, and it still gets me.

A door handle low enough so Keisha can reach it! (Love ya, girl!)

Anyway, Stace-face and I even took pictures of ourselves smiling. Two because the guy taking it for us said we needed multiple backgrounds.

I thought everything was going great with the date, but then I found out that Stacy took out another girl, Katie, the night before. To the same place! Rude, dude. :)

4 thoughts on “That Stacy Girl

  1. Ha, I love this! Also, for the record, the previous evening, i took Katie AND Danielle. Moral of the story, at least you weren’t on a polygadate.

    Also, talk about two AWESOME backgrounds. Lastly, that door still kills me.

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