What Marriage Does to Ya

So recently I have noticed the different ways that Kenneth and I have begun to mesh our lives together. When I was single, I did not anticipate how hard that was going to be. It’s been hard, but it has definitely been worth it. Marriage is awesome!

Anyway, Kenneth may have meshed to me more than I have to him. Here are some examples-

Kenneth’s back tire on his bike is flat, so he has been riding my beauty around. I guess just last week he rode past some girls who complimented him for his cute pink bike.

Also, with the recent drop in the temperatures, Kenneth has decided that he wants some warm clothing, so logically he chose these options-

Please note his wedding ring in the above picture. Now please note his wedding ring in the below picture-

And lastly, his favorite. Nearly everyday he wears a pair of my socks.

Oh, the ways that marriage blends you together. :)


2 thoughts on “What Marriage Does to Ya

  1. Suzanne says:

    Are you sure he wasn’t just scarred by the times his older sisters (OK, mostly me) dressed him up “so pretty” as a baby (um, and maybe even older)? He did look so darling in headbands and hair bows and even the occasional Cabbage Patch dress….. :P

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