A few weeks ago I was talking to my neighbor, and she mentioned that we should give each other keys in case we are ever locked out. Boy, I wish I had done it the next day.

Literally two days later, Kenneth and I accidentally locked ourselves out of our apartment when we were going on a date together. So then we had a really fun date night! Really, no sarcasm. I enjoyed spending time trying to break into our apartment. Is that bad? I promise I’m not a criminal.

We had no success breaking into our apartment that evening, and our landlord was out of town camping, so thankfully Ken’s sister, Suzanne, lives two doors down from us, and she took us in for the evening. We slept there for the night, and her kids were very confused in the morning when Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ken had a sleepover at their house, but they weren’t told about it until the morning.

So we finally were able to get into our own apartment. Can’t tell you how, it’s confidential, but basically we’re geniuses.

No, I did not encourage him to put his hood on like this, but it really does add to the criminal feel, right?

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