Christmas Decorations!

Yesterday we got the Christmas decorations up. They’re not much, but we got all of the decorations free from a swap meet, so we were pretty excited.

Here’s the dining room:

Here is our living room:

And yes, that is our “Christmas Tree” in the corner. The right corner. Yes, those twigs on the table.

This is the advent calendar that Kenneth’s mom made for us. Thanks!

Here is our “piano”:

And our “mantel” (Trace, thanks for the candle. We love it!):

And then, of course, the mistletoe:

And our “entertainment center” (do you like how everything is in quotes, like it isn’t actually what I’m saying it is? It just seems like everything is . . . you know, typical of poor college students, thus needing quotes.):

And then a close-up of our “Christmas Tree”. (It’s actually three trees. We are just that into Christmas.):

And since we finally got this hung up, here is a picture of the quilt above our bed:

Yay for finally being able to listen to Christmas music out in the open instead of hiding it! :)


3 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations!

  1. Suzanne says:

    I love all of the garland!

    Did you guys get my phone messages about Christmas decorations? I’ve got a wreath and full-size (artificial) Christmas tree from Mom and Dad, a bunch of lights for you, some wrapping paper, and other odds and ends for Christmas if you want them. I’ll give you a call today and see about bringing them over.

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