My 11/12 Birthday

So I decided to throw a surprise 11/12 Birthday party for myself. Okay, not really. It was for Stacy, which just happens to be my 11/12 Birthday, and we all know that is way  more important.

So Stacy didn’t know about the party, but I swear she was trying to give me as many heart attacks as she could. First, she told me that she was going to be in Sandy the day of her party and wouldn’t get back to Provo until 9 pm, and her party was starting at 8 pm. I had to lie to her and tell her that I bought tickets to something, so we had to be seated at 8:15. We then realized that she was thinking it was a different Friday than the day of her party. Geeze o’ Petes (Kenneth just pointed out to me that I say that all the time, and the first time I said this he had no idea what I was saying. Then i realized that I didn’t really know what I was saying either. Pretty sure that my mom says that.)

Then, on the day of her party, she went to take a test at 3:30 in the afternoon. I told her that our date, which she thought was paying her back for the recent date she took me on, was going to start at 7. She didn’t get out of her test until like 7:45, so I was pretty nervous about that situation as well because the guests were going to start arriving at her apartment at 8. Everything worked out, though.

That’s a pic of Stacy running away from the silly string attack.

And then a great pic of Stacy posing, but more importantly a great pic of Katie in the background.

One thought on “My 11/12 Birthday

  1. Haha, so good. I seriously think the best part is how long that dang test was (which, for the record, I just got back today and I got a 95% on it. For having taken 4 hours to take the test, a small revolution would have occurred with a score any lower than that). I like giving you heart attacks. Also, Geeze o Petes is a very strange phrase.

    Anyway, thanks again for the party! I had a most grand time and loved hearing everyone tell stories about me. What could be better?

    Can’t wait for my 1/12 birthday next month!

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