Sitting in the BYU President’s Box

So my internship asked me to stay around until I graduate and work part-time while I am finishing up school.

The first activity that I was able to go to was the BYU vs. Idaho football game. My office was invited to sit in the President’s box. It was amazing! President Samuelson was there (president of BYU), some other general authorities, and big wigs who donate a lot of money. It was so awesome. It was pretty cold that night, and we were able to sit in the heated box. Also, I have to mention the food provided as well – full on dinner, caramel apples, blue and white m&m’s, fudge, Neapolitan cake, soda, water bottles, and popcorn. A dream for any hungry college student!

We had to get there 1.5 hours before the game started, so that’s why the stands are so empty. We also had a dress code (business casual), and we had to get security clearance before we could go up.

Above is a picture of the Pride of the Wasatch (ha, Keish and Stace). Whenever they announce the band coming out, they always say, “And now it’s time for the Pride of the Wasatch”. This year during their half-time show, they did a formation where a man is kicking a ball. Pretty legit.

Again, it was really awesome. The game ended up being a little boring because BYU was creaming Idaho so bad. We ended up leaving at the third quarter.


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