Penrose Reunion

My freshman year of college, I lived in Heritage Halls, specifically the best hall called Penrose, which happens to be the prettiest name out of all of the Heritage Halls. Believe me . . . I based my decision on where to live on that. Anyway, I lived with five other girls, and we instantly clicked. Everyone thought that we knew each other before we came to college.

This is a picture from the first football game, and is one of the first pictures of all of us together. When it was game day, we were all totally comfortable helping one another get ready. As you can see by the random limbs everywhere in this picture, we may have been a little too comfortable. Crazy girls.

Well, we finally had a reunion where all of us were able to attend (plus spouses and Mr. MacInfy, the invisible friend)! It lasted about 3 hours even though it did not feel like that at all. We basically chatted the whole time. So many fun, yet embarrassing stories that were revealed and relived.

Kenneth told me he even really enjoyed himself . . . not that he doesn’t usually enjoy himself in social settings, but 3 hours of chatting about his wife’s freshman year? That could get boring pretty fast, but Ken said it was fun. Yea! That means future Penrose reunions as well, right? :)

Well, here is what we looked like 4 whole years ago (what?! where has time gone? ahh!):

And what we look like now:

Do we look the same? Just four years wiser? Apparently Erica (bottom middle) has “wild, crazy hair” according to her primary class.

Sorry, I do not have a picture of all of us including the spouses. I believe Stacy has those. *hint hint*


And then some things just never change like pulling faces during pictures.

Here are a few of many:


Love you girls! Wish we all still lived together . . . but then again, I do enjoy the sleep that I get now. You’re all too fun! :)


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