Blue Man Group!

For our anniversary (what?! one year on Sunday?), Kenneth and I decided to buy some concert tickets, so we went to the Blue Man’s Group! This was my first time seeing it, and Kenneth’s fourth time seeing it. (Can you tell that he really likes them?)

Not only are the Blue Man Group extremely musically talented, but they are way funny! I died when they were in the middle of a skit, stopped, and started recording the people who were coming in late. The video was displayed on the huge screen so everyone could see them, and really loud obnoxious music started playing, “you’re late! you’re late! you’re very very late!”

We loved it, so we stayed after the show and took some pictures with them.

They “signed” Kenneth’s face by putting blue on his cheeks. Not sure how they keep such a straight face all the time without laughing. Loved them, though! I would highly recommend seeing them.


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