Marli Ann Dorsey

So haven’t mentioned this yet, but the holidays were great for us this year! We really enjoyed ourselves. We did a lot of traveling, but we loved it all!

The week before Christmas, we were planning on just working a lot. We didn’t realize that campus was actually closed on Christmas Eve Eve, so the last minute we decided to go up to Rexburg to visit my sister’s family. Gosh, that little girl, Marli, she is stinkin’ cute! Want proof?

K, here it is:


Sorry for the blurriness. For some reason we decided to take the pictures on our video camera. Not sure why we didn’t take the pictures on a regular camera, though. Probably because Katie Cutler gave us the video camera, and she is just that rad.

Marli’s shirt says, “All my mom wants for Christmas is a silent night.”

This one is a keeper for sure. When these pictures were taken she was three weeks old. Gah, I love her.


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