The Destruction

So over Thanksgiving break we found a lot of fun stuff in Kenneth’s old room. We found some tec-dec stuff that we gave to our neighbors, those awesome orange slippers I have been wearing, Pokemon cards, his old Playstation (have you ever played worms? it’s a way old, retro game, but it is so fun!) and Crazy Bones.

Did you ever play with Crazy Bones? I never did, and Ken thinks I’m crazy (haha) because of it. Ken was so happy to find his crazy bones that he brought his favorite back, and it’s now sitting on one of our shelves in our living room. Yipee.

Anyway, we also found an old airsoft gun . . .

Remember our dear gingerbread house and mistletoe? Well, Kenneth was bored one day, so he decided to spice up our decorations.

“Why did you put a green ornament on the door of your gingerbread house?” Well, that is an airsoft pellet. Kenneth shot our front door, and our cute little mistletoe. Our already tiny mistletoe is now even smaller due to some of the red “berries” being blasted off.

Maybe I’ll shoot his favorite crazy bone next. :)


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