So before school started, I did a few more crafts that I just never posted on here.

I turned my two sizes too big bell-bottom khakis into something I can wear! This pair of khakis do not have belt loops for some strange reason. To fix it, I just sewed some elastic on the back, and now they fit great. To fix the ha-uge pant legs, I just took in the legs a bit. I found a pair of jeans that I like, lined it up against the khakis, made some marks, and then sewed on the inside of the leg (so that my poor sewing wasn’t too obvious). And . . .


I also have displayed “you” on a black plaque now for a year. It came from our “thank you” sign we had for our wedding. Well, I finally got around to putting a quote on it that I like.

Since the wood sign was already painted black, all I had to do was print the quote on a colored piece of paper, cut it, and Mod Podge it onto the plaque. I applied a good amount to the back of the piece of paper, and then applied some onto the front as well. Tip: When you apply Mod Podge onto the front, make sure you do it in even, smooth strokes. And do not let your fingers touch it until it is completely dry . . . did that once or twice.


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