One Year Anniversary

Posting about a one year anniversary a month late . . . I would never do that. :)

Well, we talked some pretty awesome people into taking pictures for us since it has been a whole year since we were married. (thanks Stacy and Danielle!) So here are some of our favorites:

Let me tell ya, we are pros when it comes up with ways to pose . . . not. We were really struggling. Good thing Stace and Danielle were there. They came up with some gems. Like this one-

“Kenneth, move your leg out more.” “Bend your knee.” “Now point your toe.” “PERFECT. Don’t move!”

And then you have to check these photos below out. I wanted to try to put it into a slideshow, but I couldn’t figure that one out, so just scroll down fast enough that it looks like a slideshow. Deal? Okay, go!

I like this series of photos, even though they are super cheesy and blurry, for that last photo. It looks like I am flying, and I like how Kenneth turned to look at the camera.

In the below picture, Danielle was trying to make us laugh. So she told us a story about how she faxed an invoice for $400,000 to someone . It really got us laughing.

When we got to the spot to take pictures, Kenneth looked at my shirt, and said I like that shirt. I said, yeah I was trying to find a blue one. He asked why, and I told him so that we could match. He looked down and said, “Oh yeah! We do match!” One day, one day . . .


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