So when I was posting about what we did for Valentine’s Day, I realized I never posted about what we actually did for our anniversary. So here it is:

Kenneth and I went to Odgen to visit his grandparents. Like always, we had a ton of fun. Here’s a picture of Opa and Kenneth-

Opa’s name is on that plane there.

So when we got home from Odgen, I was a bit bummed because I didn’t expect Kenneth to plan anything special since we had been gone for the weekend. But no, he surprised me yet again. (That sneaky husband. You gotta watch them closely.)

He asked Suzanne to make breadsticks and macaroni and cheese (It was sooo good! She knows how to cook. Thanks, Suzanne!)

Ken also asked Suzanne to buy some flowers, so these were waiting on the table when we got home.

Look, there was glitter on the flowers! Sparkly :)

We also ate a bit of the top layer of our wedding cake.

See, it actually kept pretty well! (Thanks for keeping it in your freezer for a year, Mom and Dad!)

The bottom part of the cake wasn’t too bad. All of the sugar seemed to have run to the bottom, so it was really moist and sugary. Because all the sugar ran to the bottom, the top wasn’t so great. It tasted more like a crumbly cracker.

So our anniversary was great! Can’t believe a year (and two months, since I posted late) has gone by already.


3 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Suzanne says:

    Awww shucks, thanks. Convenient, that, living so close to family (OK, maybe you don’t think it’s that convenient, like when we ask you for last minute babysitting, but we loving having you so close!). My girls LOVE that macaroni and cheese recipe, btw. I made it for the first time (for us) last weekend and it was a hit. Thanks, Stacy! Oh yeah, and thanks, Ken and Rachel, for getting married so you could have an anniversary so Ken would want the recipe so I could get it.

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