Brian Regan

As another way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary (man, I am really trying to stretch this out for as long as I can, aren’t I?), we decided to get Brian Regan tickets.

It was way fun!

“So 10 sold out shows in Salt Lake City, huh? I guess Salt Lake City needs some comedy.”

That is the first thing Brian Regan said when he got on stage. He originally started out with 4 shows, and we were just barely able to get tickets. The very next day, he announced 2 more shows, all of which sold out. The same thing happened 2 more times for a total of 10 sold out shows! Talk about a popular comedian.

He was so darn funny. I was dying. At one point in the show, he was talking about how we pronounce cupboard without the “p”. He started making fun of how lazy we Americans are. Then some random person in the audience blurted out, “Like p as in pneumonia!” And Brian Regan didn’t know how to react. It was way awkward and weird, so Brian Regan said, “What do you think I am? A jukebox?”

My favorite joke that he did was the last joke he said at our show. Here’s my best summary-

“So I got on the back of the motorcycle with this guy even though I didn’t want to. I put my arms around his waist. He looked back at me and told me that was not going to happen. So I awkwardly held the bottom of my seat and thought, ‘Great, this is real safe! It’s just me and the road.’  Then he started driving. Because he was going so fast, my helmet started banging against his helmet! He turned around and asked me what I was doing. I told him that was Morse Code for ‘SLOW DOWN!'”


One thought on “Brian Regan

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