So remember this post from last year?

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have been trying to do it again this year. Kenneth decided to give up chocolate. (Gasp! I know! I would never!) It’s been pretty good for me, though. I’ve been able to eat all of his chocolate. You should have seen our chocolate chip cookies. We made half raisin and half chocolate chip. The raisin cookies got finished super fast, so Kenneth moved on to the chocolate chip cookies and left the chocolate chips for me. Double score for me! :)

I decided to give up complaining. It’s been interesting to try to give something like complaining. Since I’ve started to try to do lent, I’ve given up Facebook and treats (did that for a few years), so I’ve never tried something that wasn’t physical. I know that lent is supposed to be something that you really enjoy so that you can  sacrifice it, and no I do not enjoy complaining, but my whole purpose of lent is to try to focus on something that will make me a better person. I figured complaining would be something great for me to work on.

It has been kind of challenging especially in a school setting. This has really helped me realize how much I do complain. When professors spring projects on us, it is so easy to start speaking negatively, but does that really help? Does it get the project done faster? Nope. It’s been really good for me to take the time and focus on this weakness of mine.


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